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SingleHop Dedicated Server Review 2012: Should You Hop on Their Servers?

Do you need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server for your business? Or perhaps you need to transfer to another Dedicated Server provider because your current provider performs poorly and it’s affecting your business big time. Then you might as well get to know the fastest growing IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) provider in the industry, SingleHop. You might have heard of this company before, or they might be totally new to you, either way, SingleHop is one of the leading IaaS providers when it comes to Dedicated Servers. But before you start hopping on their servers, you might want to read this SingleHop Dedicated Server Review to get to know more about their services.


singlehop review

SingleHop Review: The Company in a Gist

SingleHop was founded on 2006. Their corporate headquarters is located on Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60654. As of to date, they already have 3 data centers, two in Chicago and one in Phoenix. They have over 12,000+ servers in production, maintain a 100% network uptime and have been rated as an A+ company from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Aside from Dedicated Servers, SingleHop also offers Cloud hosting with their Public and Private Cloud solutions, as well as Managed Solutions. Some of the advantages of the company are; they provide 100% uptime guarantee on their network and power uptime. They use 100% Cisco high end hardware for all of their servers. Their servers are fully automated and can be deployed almost instantly. They have real-time status reporting and 24×7 US based support, not outsourced call centers. And they have the Customer Bill of Rights, offering the best SLA in the industry.

SingleHop Review: Dedicated Servers

SingleHop’s cheapest dedicated servers can go for as low as $80 per month with an Intel Core2Duo E6320. But their best dedicated servers, with an average deploy time of 42 minutes, starts at $149 per month.

SingleHop has also recently launched a new server lineup with their Intel Xeon E5 and E3 Processors based servers, offering state of the art and high performance servers that could handle even the most demanding tasks.

Below is a list of their dedicated servers for your reference.

SingleHop Cheap Dedicated Servers

cheap dedicated servers

Note: Server configurations and prices changes from time to time. To check the availability and updated price of their cheap dedicated servers, visit their Data Center Outlet here.

SingleHop Standard Dedicated Servers

list of dedicated servers

Note: Standard Server configurations and prices changes from time to time. To check the availability and updated price of their dedicated servers, visit their dedicated servers’ page here.

For a complete specification of a particular server and to compare it with another server, you may do so on this page here.

Just an advice for new customers or transferring customer, since they offer different kinds of server configurations, and their servers are very flexible, it’s best to contact one of their expert representatives to help you choose which server configuration is the right one for your business. You may contact their representative via this page.

SingleHop Review: Cloud Hosting

Cloud Computing is rapidly gaining its popularity nowadays. More and more companies are moving to the cloud. SingleHop can also help you with your Cloud hosting needs. They currently offer Public Cloud servers as well as Private Cloud Servers.

SingleHop’s Public Cloud server starts from $50 per month, that includes a 2.4GHz vCPU, 1GB of memory and 25GB of storage. But for those who are looking for a more secure and private solution, their Private Cloud servers would be the best choice. SingleHop’s Private cloud Servers offers great flexibility, high security and privacy, as well as 100% dedicated resource and hardware (no sharing). Private cloud servers starts at $182 per month.

SingleHop Review: Conclusion

SingleHop is, without a doubt, one of the best in the industry; advance network and infrastructure, fast server deployment and automation with LEAP3, outstanding SLA and customer support and offers regular promotions.

If you try to look for the top 10 dedicated server providers, or the best dedicated server provider, SingleHop would be on the number 1 spot most of the time, if not, at least on the top 5 list. They know how to make good business with their customers and provide better quality than other hosting companies.

Like I said earlier, they regularly offer promotions and specials, specially to new or incoming customers. Be sure to check out the latest SingleHop deals here.

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