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SingleHop Promo Code: Up to 50% OFF on Dedicated Servers

SingleHop is one of the leading companies when it comes to dedicated hosting. First launched on 2006, SingleHop has been committed in providing their customers with utmost satisfaction, as a result more than hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers choose SingleHop’s dedicated servers and managed hosting . I’m sure you stumble into this page looking for SingleHop promo codes or coupon code before ordering, right? I’ll show you the promo codes below, as well as information as to why you should opt for SingleHop dedicated servers.


UPDATE: SingleHop released a new set of coupon codes for Q4 of 2012. One of those codes gives you $100 off of your monthly bill forever on quad core dedicated servers. View the updated codes here.
singlehop coupon code

SingleHop Promo Code that Saves you 25% OFF the price

This SingleHop promo code will take away 25% off the price on your 1st month invoice. This code is applicable to any server types and configuration, unlike the two other SingleHop coupon codes below that can only be used on a particular server configuration. This particular coupon code is useful specially if you want to take advantage of SingleHop’s quad core servers, which by the way is the most recommended and sought after server configuration. Below is a screenshot of the coupon code in action.

Coupon Code:

SingleHop Promo Code that Saves you 35% OFF the price

This SingleHop promo code offers a higher percentage off the 1st month invoice, with 35% off. But this particular coupon code is limited to a new dual core servers only.

Coupon code applied on Dual Xeon E5-2690 Processor 8×2.9Ghz HT TB 20MB Cache

View the 35% Off Coupon code

SingleHop Promo Code that Saves you 50% OFF the price

This promo code gives you the highest possible discount for the 1st month invoice, with 50% off the price. However, this promo code can only be used on the following dedicated server configurations: ATOM 330, i3 550, i5 760, Q9550 and E3110 only (the not so popular servers).

View the 50% Off Coupon code

SingleHop Promo Code with Freebies

There are two freebies SingleHop is offering, first is the Free Backups (10GB FTP backups) and 12 months of free monitoring via QuickReaction.

View the freebie Coupon code

Why Choose SingleHop for your Dedicated Server?

  • SingleHop Customer Bill of Rights Service Level Agreement (SLA) – To keep it short and simple, the company is actually going to pay you (for a particular percentage) for the missed services or delays in their services. This is unique to SingleHop only.
  • LEAP3 – Fast deployment and automation of servers, that is usually around 45-60 minutes (depending on your server’s configuration) after your order has been verified
  • Option to choose whether you want your server to be fully managed, semi managed or self managed
  • Dedicated Servers includes great features like:
    • 100 Gbps National Network
    • Unmetered Inbound Bandwidth (Unlimited)
    • Free Private Network
    • SSL-VPN Private Network Remote Access
    • 100% Cisco Powered Network
    • Advanced Routing Automation
    • Network Layer Firewall and DDoS Mitigation
    • Supermicro Server Hardware
    • Western Digital and Seagate SATA II and SCSI Hard Drives
    • Intel SSD Hard Drives
    • Enterprise Grade Hardware
    • Support for Multiple Operating Systems
    • Military Class Facilities
    • Dual Power Grids
    • Self-Sufficient Water and Cooling Systems
    • Physical and Biometric Security Layers
    • SSAE 16 (and formally SAS 70) Compliant Facilities
    • 24×7 Toll Free Telephone Service
    • Automated Client Portal for Self-Service/Self-Execution
    • Automated Server Deployment
    • Automated Network Configuration
    • Remote Accessibility via LEAP Mobile
    • Web Based Access via LEAP v3.0 Web Panel
    • Real Time Reporting and Monitoring
    • and many more…

SingleHop Promo Codes

Once again for the 25% Off the initial payment SingleHop promo code, . The code can be used for any server types and configuration, best used in Quad core servers. For the 35% off, 50% off and freebie coupon codes, view it here.



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