smart lte plan prices

Smart LTE Plans and Packages Pricing Revealed

Smart has recently revealed the prices of their different LTE Data Packages. The said LTE Data plans are for Smart postpaid subscribers who have a LTE-enabled devices. With an LTE Data plan, a user can enjoy internet/Data speeds of up to 42 Mbps until March 30, 2013. See the table below for the different packages with their respective prices.


smart lte plan prices

Data PackageValidityAvailment Instructions
LTE 501 dayText LTE 50 to 2200
LTE 2997 daysText LTE 299 to 2200
LTE 99530 daysText LTE 995 to 2200

LTE, short for Long Term Evolution, is way faster than a 3G connection. Downloading a 1GB file size would only take less than an hour depending on the signal. The LTE 50 is good for 1 day and would only cost you Php 50. It seems that the LTE 995 for 30 days is the best deal here.

Remember, you need to have an LTE-enabled device and an LTE Smart SIM for you to enjoy this packages. And this promo is only until March 20, 2013. Below are additional notes from Smart:

  • Subscribers from 2010 below may visit any Smart store to replace their existing SIM for free
  • Subscribers will still be able to enjoy the fast and reliable 3G, HSPA, and HSPA+ speeds when outside an LTE-covered area
  • Ideal for SMART LTE devices. For other LTE devices, subscribers may still enjoy 3G, HSPA, and HSPA+ speeds.
  • Available in more plans soon! Please visit this page for updates
  • For a list of LTE-covered areas, visit


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