Smart Wipe Out Program Will Get You An iPhone 5 in No Time

Published on March 26th, 2013

Are you in a situation where you really want an iPhone 5 now, but you are currently on a plan and stuck with your current phone for two years? Good news for Smart subscribers, Smart is offering a pre-termination program were you can “wipe out” your current contract and upgrade to an iPhone 5, at a discounted rate.


smart wipe out program

Smart’s Wipe Out Program can be availed by all Smart postpaid subscribers from March 22 and April 30, 2013 only. And you can get discount on your pre-termination fee up to 75% off. See the mechanics and table below for more information.

To avail Smart WIPE OUT Program:
1. Go to the nearest SMART Store and Wipe Out your current contract by paying for your discounted Wipe Out Fee depending on the number of remaining months on your current contract.

wipe out mechanics

2. Upgrade to an iPhone with your preferred Postpaid Plan. See table for the corresponding iPhone handset cash­ out applicable to your chosen plan. Just present 1 VALID ID to renew your contract (Other iPhone handset variants are also available. Not applicable for plan downgrade.)

3. Get your very own iPhone and enjoy your refreshed contract with SMART.

If you look at the table, this is a good news for those who have 13 months below remaining months. Since they can enjoy 50%-75% on pre termination fee.

So Smart subscribers? Will you be availing this promo?


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