Sneak Peek at Asus P8P67 Mobo

Asus will be launching a new set of motherboards in line with Intel releasing its new processors and chipsets. Asus P8P67 is based on P67 Express Chipset. Unfortunately not much information has been given yet.

These are just few specification and features of the P8P67 Mobo:


  • Socket LGA 1155
  • Chipset – P67
  • Supports 32Gb of RAM
  • 4 DIMM slots that supports DDR3 2400Mhz (OC), 2133Mhz (OC), 1866Mhz (OC), 1600Mhz, 1333Mhz and 1066Mhz
  • 4 Sata 6.0 ports
  • 12 USB 2.0 ports
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports

As you can see in the pictures below, the Asus P8P67 is based on a LGA 1155 socket. LGA 1155 is also known as Socket H2. This will support future Intel Sandy Bridge microprocessor. LGA 1155 is designed as a replacement for the LGA 1156. LGA 1156 processors are not compatible with LGA 1155 sockets and vice verse. They have different socket notches.

The first board that we have to show you is the ASUS P8P67 Pro, which is a full size ATX solution. This board sports a black and blue color scheme and as you can see is totally passively cooled without the use of any heat pipes connecting the three blue heatsinks. The entire ASUS LGA1155 motherboard lineup uses a new VRM system that ASUS calls Digi+ VRM. This means that ASUS is now using digital VRMs on the boards and that ASUS’ EPU microcontroller handles how many power phases are in use at any given time by monitoring the temperature and power draw on the board. We were told by ASUS That Digi+ VRM is able go down to just one power phase or go all the way up to 16 power phases on some of their boards. The ASUS P8P67 Pro has a 12+2 power phase design, so it would only be able to go up to 12 on this specific board.

An ITX solution will also be available in the form of Asus P8H67:



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