Sneak Peek at nVidia GTX 595

nVidia GTX 595 has been spotted in a leak information thanks to a chinese site eNet.

nVidia is back with dual cores in their graphic cards. As you can see in the picture below, there are two (2) GF110 cores or what I think are GF110 processors.

In the upper right corner, you can see that there are two eight pin PCIe power connectors. There are also three (3) DVI output connectors which are located at the left side of the picture. GTX 595 will definitely 3D Vision Surround ready. Most probably it will also have a large amount of memory. 2-3GB of memory perhaps.

Nvidia GTX 595

Will this soon to be released monster card beat AMD’s line up? From the looks of it, yes, it may but much is to be expected after benchmarking GTX 595. Who know, AMD might release 7000 series after GTX 595 is released.



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  1. nvidia is releasing GTX 595, also AMD will be releasing AMD 6990, can’t wait to see the reviews on this monsters

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