Sollensys Providing Touch Solution To Your Everyday Device

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Right now we are in an era where most of our devices can be manipulated and controlled via touch screen displays. The companies behind these cutting edge technology usually remains unknown to the common people who used their products. Most of their products are already integrated to popular devices like the iPhones or Galaxy Tabs, and more. One company behind this is Sollensys – a leader when it comes to Capacitive Touch Sensor Technology.

Sollensys is a touch screen manufacturing company, based in South Korea. They have been operating for a couple of years now in South Korea and China. And just recently they entered the western market as a non-operational public company in Nevada. The company plans to produce touch screens that can be used in every major mobile device worldwide. Sollensys caters the majority of Chinese mobile device companies like KPT Company, T-Smart and Chinese companies that supply smart terminals to companies like and

According to Frank Woo, CEO of Sollensys; "Our Vision is to provide touch technology products that are accessible to people all over the world, while improving human to computer relationships and enrich the user experience."

Sollensys was able to reduce the screen defect rate to below 5%, compared to other companies who have a screen defect rate of around 30%. This means that Sollensys produced more parts at lower cost than any other touch screen manufacturer in the world. They use a quality control technology called the Terminator that detects imperfections in the finished product.

Companies like Sollensys plays an important role in our modern day lives. With the cutting edge high quality  touch screen solutions they produced, people are able to experience an easier and more interactive digital life.

The demand for touch screen has significantly increased in an exponential rate, in just a short period of time. Because of this, investors are joining the bandwagon since this is a very lucrative industry. In fact most of the pioneering investors are already experiencing substantial returns from their investments.

To give you a visual presentation of Sollensys, watch this video here: Sollensys touch screen solutions

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