Sony XQD S Series Fastest Memory Card Features 168MBps Write Speed

Sony has recently unveiled the successor of the XQD H Series, the Sony XQD S Series. The Sony XQS S Series memory cards are the fastest memory cards ever developed, with read/write speed of up to 168MBps. The S Series are designed and perfect for professional photography that demands high performance and fast image capture.


The Sony XQD S Series has a unique controller and optimized flash memory that enables high-speed data processing. This new technology resulted in faster write speed that surpassed the 167MBps maximum interface speed of CF Cards.

With the Sony S Series XQD memory cards, users are able to capture up to 108 photos in RAW format in continuous shooting mode. Not only that, these new S Series XQD memory cards also feature Sony’s File Rescue Software that has the ability to recover photos and videos that were accidentally deleted. The software also supports the latest 3D ACVHD files formats and other file formats such as RAW, MOV and Full HD 60p video files.

The Sony S Series XQD memory cards are available in 32GB (QD-S32/T) priced at $259.99 and 64GB (QD-S64/T) priced at $459.99.

In connection with the XQD S Series, Sony also offers an XQD card reader, the MRW-E80 with USB 3.0 interface, that can transfer your files from the memory card to your computer. The XQD ExpressCard Adapter or QDA-EX1 is also available for computers with ExpressCard 34 card slot.

Meanwhile you can also get the Sony XQD H Series 32GB for only $220 here.
Or get the Sony 32GB XQD H Series Memory Card with Sony XQD Memory Card Reader + Cleaning Kit + Accessory Kit for only $275 here.



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