Photo of Steve Jobs after his Resignation

Steve Jobs looks very ill after his resignation!

A few days ago Steve Jobs signifies his intention to resign as CEO of Apple. In his letter of resignation he said that he could no longer perform his duties.


Steve Jobs resigns as apple CEO

UPDATE: Steve Jobs has died, 1955-2011. Please see the following articles:
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One probable reason why he resigned is because of his health condition. Steve was on medical leave for quite some time before he wrote his resignation letter to Apple.

Steve was a survivor of Pancreatic Cancer a few years ago. However, we’re not really sure if the cancer came back or this is another complications that emerged recently because of his previous illness.

Below is a picture of Steve after his resignation:

Steve Jobs photo sick ill cancer

We’re also not sure if the photo is authentic or not, but it looks real. There are no other information about the picture though. I don’t even know the guy beside him.

But based on the picture, Steve looks very thin and sickly. I think he could barely move his body based on the picture.

Below are previous photos of Steve when he was still healthy.

jobs photos

 jobs holding apple macbook

jobs holding iphone

jobs holding ipad

See the difference? What do you think?

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Source: TMZ



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