Most popular Steve Jobs Apple Tribute Logo by Jonathan Mak

Record breaking Steve Jobs Apple Tribute Logo gets 180,000 hits in one day

Just before Steve Jobs died, a graphics design student Jonathan Mak designed a tribute logo for Steve Jobs. He designed the “Steve Jobs Apple Tribute Logo” not because Steve passed away, but to honor and thank the Apple co-founder. The logo shows a profile of Steve Jobs instead of a bite. See the tribute logo below.


steve jobs apple tribute logo

Jonathan Mak is a student of Polytechnic University School of Design. He described himself as a designer, photographer and philosopher living in Hong Kong.

He was shock when he heard the news that Jobs passed away last October 5, 2011. He then re-posted the Steve Jobs Apple Tribute Logo and his redesigned logo suddenly became popular and went viral. In one day, it got around 10,000 likes and 180,000 re-blogs.

Below is a photo of Jonathan Mak Long holding his Apple MacBookPro with the Apple Tribute Logo that he designed, in Hong Kong.

jonathan mak pose with his steve jobs apple tribute logo
Photo by REUTERS/Bobby Yip

The logo was so popular that it was used by Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher in his twitter profile picture and other popular sites like on ebay.

ashton kutcher - steve jobs in apple logo

Jonathan Mak even received a job offer but he has not yet acted on it. He said that he is still a student. He does not consider himself as an Apple fanboy. He also admits that he just got his first MacBook Pro a year ago and he doesn’t have an iPhone.

He was asked if any words or response from Apple from his “Steve Jobs Apple Tribute Logo“, Mak said that he sent an email to CEO Tim Cook but so far Apple has not respond or comment about the logo.




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