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Sword Art Online 17: Captive Queen (Released)

Sword Art Online 17 is up next. The next episode is entitled the Captive Queen. Most probably, the captive queen here refers to Asuna, being held captive in a cage above the Yggdrasil. Kirito was able to login to ALfheim online and met a new companion, Lyfa, who was attack by other players. Find out next what happened in SAO Episode 17.


UPDATE: Sword Art Online Episode 17 is now available.
sao ep 17

Random Thoughts About Sword Art Online 17

The new character, Lyfa, seemed to be a smart and responsible girl. At first I thought that it was Kirito’s sister but, nah, she couldn’t be. Besides, their personalities are not the same. Would Kirito developed a new love interest with Lyfa? Or it’s the other way around. Lyfa will become interested with Kirito. Either way, Yui is there to watch Kirito, her “Papa”. And she will make sure that Kirito will not flirt with other girls.

[alert type=”red”]WARNING: From this section forward, contains heavy spoiler about the next episode. If you do not want to know what happened next, and would rather watch the series first, you may browse another topic.[/alert]

Sword Art Online 17 Spoiler

Just when Kirito was still learning how to fly, she encountered Lyfa who is being attacked by other players. Kirito decides to join the fight and save the girl. Obviously, the players were no match for Kirito.

sword art online episode 17

Kirito only finished the first two Salamanders while he let go of the other one, who declared his defeat to Kirito. After that, Kirito and Lyfa became acquainted and she agree to accompany Kirito to Sylvain, in the land of Sylphs.

Lyfa also gave Kirito some flying lessons, since he was really bad at flying. Once they have arrived at their destination, Kirito asked more questions about ALO and the Yggdrasil, and how to get to the top of the tree. Lyfa gave Kirito some quick information about the game and the things going around ALO.

Kirito insisted to Lyfa that he must go to the top of the tree (Yggdrasil) because he want to see something with his own eyes. Lyfa told him that its nearly impossible but Kirito insisted. Lyfa decided to join Kirito on his quest to go to the top of the tree.

I guess I’ll stop right here for now. ^_^

Sword Art Online Episode 17 will be released any time soon. Most probably by Saturday or Sunday. I’ll update this post once SAO episode 17 is released and include my review for the chapter. Stay tuned!



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