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Sword Art Online 24 Review: How Insane Can this Episode Get?!

Sword Art Online 24 was recently released. SAO episode 24 is entitled The Gilded Hero. The title, “Gilded Hero” was actually referring to Kirito, he just called himself that during his battle with Fairy King Oberon, a.k.a Sugou. Anyway, this episode is insane, at first it will make you want to hurt somebody really bad, but towards the end it’s a happy ending. Please continue reading my Sword Art Online episode 24 review below.


sword art online 24 the gilded hero

WARNING: This article contains heavy spoiler. If you haven’t watched the episode, I recommend that you watch it first.

Sword Art Online 24 Review: VR World Can Be Painful Also

Finally Kirito and Yui were able to reach the top level of the World Tree. Yui guided Kirito to where Asuna was. At around afternoon in ALfheim’s time, near sun set, Kirito and Yui was able to see Asuna. For a short moment, they were able to hug each other and tears of joy fell from Asuna’s eyes.

sword art online 24

But their happiness was short live, when the Fairy King Oberon or Sugou cast a gravity attack. Yui was forcibly terminated, and Kirito and Asuna could not move due to the strong gravity. Sugou showed to Kirito that he was the god in ALO and he could do anything with his GM privileges.

sword art online 24

Sugou chained Asuna and start r@p!ñg her. Arrrgghh! This was the part that I hated most! Watching this part makes me feel like wanting to beat this jerk (Sugou) to death. Sugou stripped off the upper portion of Asuna’s clothes and yes you will see Asuna b00bi3s in this episode.

Sugou also initiated System Command Pain Absorber and dropped it to level 8 after stabbing Kirito from the back. At level 8 Kirito will feel some pain and will slightly hurt. But below level 3, it will start to affect your physical body. Good thing it was only level 8.

I’m telling you, this Sugou is a freak and insane. He’s just a jerk who wants to control other people. While he was enjoying himself tasting Asuna’s half n@k3d body, Kirito saw an apparition of Kayaba Akihiko a.k.a. Heathcliff, creator of Sword Art Online and the final boss of SAO. Heathcliff encouraged Kirito to stand up and fight.

Kirito was able to stand up. And just when Sugou was going to hit Kirito, he blocked Sugou’s hand and started to login using Heathcliff’s ID. Kirito was able to get administrator privileges and set Oberon’s ID to level 1. This means that Heathcliff’s ID was above Sugou’s ID.

sword art online 24

Now, it’s payback time! Kirito is now the GM of ALO and could control or summon anything. Sugou tries to fight back by summoning the legendary weapon Excalibur. But Sugou’s command had no effect. Kirito summons the Excalibur and then the weapon appeared.

sword art online 24

Pain Absorber At Level 0… Who Knows What Could Happen

The fun starts here! Like any gamer, you definitely would want to defeat and pulverize the final boss, specially if it’s Sugou. Kirito gave the Excalibur to Sugou and challenged him to a duel.

sword art online 24

But before their fight began, Kirito set the Pain Aborser Level to 0. At level 8 you can feel some pain while in the game. But according to Sugou, below level 3 would have an effect to your physical body. Kirito set it to level 0. Does it mean whatever happens in ALO will also happen in the real world?

Kirito left a small slice on Sugou’s cheeks just for him to realize the pain. Then he cut his arm that was holding the Excalibur and then cut his body into half. Finally Kirito threw the other half of Sugou’s body, the upper part, and let Sugou’s face free fall right to the tip of his sword. Honestly, this was the most brutal scene I saw in Sword Art Online. But Sugou deserved it! ^_^

Now the Happy Ending Begins

Kirito defeated Sugou and saves Asuna. This is a typical scenario where the hero saves the damsel in distress from a monster. I hope I can play games like these again. This scene reminds me of Final Fantasy VIII.

After setting Asuna free from the chain, he immediately rushed into Asuna’s breast. Hmmm.. I wonder how did that feel at Level 0?! ^_^

sword art online 24

With administrative privileges, Kirito sets Asuna free. But before Kirito logged out, he was able to have a little chit chat with Heathcliff. Heathcliff gave Kirito the “World Seed“. He said it’s up to him whether he wants to delete it or nourish and develop it. Then Kirito logs out from ALO.

sword art online 24

Kirito woke up and was surprised to see Sugu right on top of him. Rather, Sugu was the one who was surprised. Hmm.. I wonder what Sugu did to Kirito’s body while he was still logged in ALO. ^_^ If you want to know what happened to Yui, her core program is saved in Kirito’s NerveGear. So it’s no big deal. They can visit Yui anytime they want.

sword art online 24

Well it’s a cold snowy night but Kirito rushed to the hospital with his bike to see Asuna. Episode end…

sword art online 24

Sword Art Online 24 Review: Conclusion

Overall this episode was great! I was afraid that this chapter would get messed up. I was gnashing my teeth while watching the first few scenes and almost fell from my chair. But good thing Kirito got his revenge and made Sugou feel what pain really is.

Don’t worry Sword Art Online lovers! This does not end here. There is still the World Seed given by Heathcliff to Kirito. This marks the beginning of the Phantom Bullet Saga (I think :D).

Oh Wait! Sugou Still Lives!

It’s inappropriate for me to tell what happened in SAO 25 here. Just wait for my Sword Art Online 25 Spoiler to be published anytime soon. ^_^ Also, I’ll explain more about Kayaba Akihiko’s World Seed in my next article.

UPDATE: Check out Sword Art Online 25 here.



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