sword art online 25 review asuna new look

Did You Like How SAO Ended? Sword Art Online 25 Review

Finally, Kirito was able to save Asuna from her virtual prison in Alfheim Online, and defeated Fairy King Oberon, a.k.a Sugou. But Kirito’s fight did not end in the 24th episode. And his final fight with the “boss” is not in ALO, but in the real world. Sword Art Online 25 is indeed the last episode of SAO season 1. It was a mix of real world fighting, “back-to-reality” moment and into another adventure again. But did you like how Sword Art Online ended on episode 25? For SAO lovers, many would say yes but would definitely want a season 2. For SAO haters, they are happy because finally the anime that they have been criticizing for around 25 weeks has ended. Well, as for me my reaction is a mixture. Please do continue reading my SAO episode 25 review below.


sword art online 25 review

Sword Art Online 25 Review: The World Seed

Okay, during the last episode of the probably most popular Anime in 2012, Sword Art Online, Kirito have his final battle with Sugou which they settled in the real world. Sugou ambushed Kirito, while Kirito was on his way to the hospital, to get revenge for what he did to him. We see some violence here, but it’s not like in ALO.

Despite Kirito’s anger, he held back and stopped himself from finishing Sugou, even if he was pissed off by him so much. He wouldn’t want to end up being a criminal. In the end, Sugou was captured, questioned and he and his company was shut down. While Kirito and Asuna finally met in the real world after 24 episodes.

After that, the whole gang met up to celebrate Kirito’s victory and discussed more about the World Seed. The last episode pretty much summarized everything about the Seed. But it did give us an idea of what are the possibilities of Kayaba’s legacy.

ALO was eventually revived, and I’m not sure if this was Kirito’s doing but Aincrad appeared in ALO. It’s like they are going to finish SAO in ALO. Definitely the game has upgraded to higher levels.

But like what I guessed, Sword Art Online – ALO chapter, was not about Kirito and Asuna. Well, it was mostly about Kirito saving Asuna together with Sugu/Lyfa, her sister. Before the episode ended, Kirito and Lyfa had a talk and danced, when I think that should be Kirito and Asuna dancing. But Asuna and Kirito’s love scenes ended in the Sword Art Online (before ALO).

And we only get to see Asuna’s new look (elf look) just for a few seconds. We didn’t event know what race she took. I guess that didn’t matter either. I’m just pissed off that after all the things that happened, Kirito and Asuna didn’t have any grand scene before the series ended. Asuna was replaced by Lyfa.

I don’t know what you think guys, but I’m somewhat disappointed towards that end part. What about you?

By the way, what did Kirito said after Yui said “let’s go papa” and before Kirito said “okay, let’s go!”..??

Asuna’s New Look In Alfheim Online

Anyway, below is Asuna’s new look in ALO. At first I wasn’t able to recognize that it was her. I just realized it when I noticed the hair looks similar.

sword art online 25 review asuna new look

lyfa and asuna in alfheim online

Oh well, at least it was a happy ending. I definitely would want to see more action. Kirito will be playing another game after ALO…

What’s Next for SAO? – Sword Art Online Season 2: Gun Gale Online

Most of you who liked SAO will definitely be looking for a season 2. I’m not really sure if Sword Art Online Season 2 would be materialized. But according to its light novel, SAO doesn’t end in ALO. After the Fairy Dance light novel (which is the Alfheim Online saga), is the Phantom Bullet light novel. In the Phantom Bullet, Kirito will be playing another VR MMORPG after beating SAO and ALO. The title of the next game is Gun Gale Online (GGO). Kirito looks like a girl in this game and he will be using a gun and a light saber!

sao season 2 kirito gun gale online

I’m really looking forward for SAO Season 2 – Gun Gale Online in 2013. We don’t have confirmed information yet. Most of the information circling around are just rumors and speculations as of this time.



7 responses to “Did You Like How SAO Ended? Sword Art Online 25 Review”

  1. good review. for all the sao haters are at seventhstyle website. only does bad reviews. but i love sao!

  2. ralphzky Avatar

    ahh!! cant wait for the GGO in SAO season 2 . . .

    1. when do you think it is coming out?

  3. Yea!! That is exactly what i was wondering too!! Of what Kirito said after “ok, let’s go!”, but i guess they would explain what he said whenever GGO airs, which is another thing i REALLY would like to find out. And that kind of made me mad how Sug/Lyfa took most of the parts that i wanted Asuna to be in….:(…..((still mad…)) And im so confused on so many things, like, when they conitnue on with episode 26, will it be when Kirito is somewhere on one of the floors in the tower from SAO and then for some reason has to transfer into GGO?? Cause, any other way would not make sense….Oh! And i hope Asuna gets to show off her skills in front of Sugu/Lyfa so she can respect her more! >-<

  4. hmm I would have to say the entire ALO chapter was pointless… when Kirito wakes up from SAO it should have ended, something similar to episode 25, nice embrace, kiss, meet everyone (no reason to introduce his sister or ALO) although i think the fight with heathcliff shouldnt have happend till episode 25, they could have made Kirito the guild leader of Knights of the Blood oath, and he could have led them to beat kayaba but oh well.. ALO had its good parts but, it just didnt feel like it belonged in the same series… and if Kirito is going to be a girl in Gun Gale Online then i’ll pass….

  5. It is now confirmed that there will be a new season, and I believe te rumors have become truth that it will take place in GGO. It is still only rumors that Kirito will adopt a female MMO character though

  6. Alex Bradford Avatar
    Alex Bradford

    sweet i loved sao and alo awsome

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