Watch As People Play Real Life Angry Birds Live

Play Angry Birds Live Action, for real?

I do not how to put this but have you imagined playing the ever famous Angry Birds in real life with (bigger) life-size version of the game?


Well for the first time ever, people can enjoy playing Angry Birds with real shooting birds flying off from a sling shot/catapult and hitting those exploding pigs. The birds and pigs are even bigger than you. And a real band will play the background music while you play.

You might be wondering, how in the world will you throw or control a bird bigger than you? You control using a T-Mobile smartphone. Play the Angry Birds live action and real explosion when you hit or crush those pigs. Even the exploding birds or the egg explodes, even the blue birds split in the mid air. I do not now how they do that but they did it anyway.

Watch the video below, T-Mobile Angry Birds Live, these is really fun.

Don’t you just want to try playing the game with that? Well I sure do. I wonder how long will it take to change the level or the set after destroying all those pigs? ^_^

I think this is a promotion or advertisement of T-mobile to promote there smartphones.

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