The Design and Development of an Innovative Mobile App Can Foster Your Business

In today’s business world, the use of technology is crucial to achieving success. Wireless technology based on satellite and cellular systems is very promising in practically all business areas. For example, new trends like proximity marketing have become possible owing to Geofencing. This technology allows establishing virtual geographical boundaries with the help of GPS and wireless networks. Hence, an app can respond to a mobile device entering or leaving the delimited area. In the case of proximity marketing, an SMS is sent to advertise a store in the vicinity.


However, the possibilities for new and innovative Geofencing apps for business are endless. Software developers must work together with a business strategist to design novel apps that leverage Geofencing.  In combination with other technologies like Google Maps, these teams can start thinking of many new possibilities. Some ideas include:

  • For delivery systems, the orders can be assigned to a delivery vehicle depending on the current location. The virtual fence around the delivery vehicle will change dynamically as it changes location.
  • Since Geofencing can work in areas as small as a building, you can use it for product localization. When a customer enters a store, the client can be guided to find the products he or she is interested in. This can be viewed as a form of more confined proximity marketing.
  • For companies working with hazardous materials or construction, Geofencing can be used to establish exclusion zones. For instance, a person can be warned via SMS to leave the area in case of crossing the security barriers.
  • For companies working with drones, Geofencing can delimit their operation area. For construction companies, Geofencing can be used to track their machinery left at the construction site.
  • Likewise, Geofencing can be used to track workers on the field. This way a company can ensure they do not leave their corresponding working area. The same idea applies to the monitoring of the elderly, children, or pets.

These are but a few of the business opportunities using Geofencing.

The Design of the User Interface is Important for the Geofencing App

To ensure the acceptance of a Geofencing App, the user interface (UI) is critical. This should display graphically the relevant virtual geographical boundaries. It should allow the administrator to interact with the app in real-time. For instance, it should be possible to add service providers or to increase/decrease dynamically the size of a virtual fence.

For better functionality, the established areas should be displayed on maps. Google maps are the perfect partner of Geofencing.

The benefits of Geofencing for your business are manifold. This technology will help you to attract new customers, obtain relevant business information, and secure property. You must ensure the app can provide a return of your investment within a reasonable time. Creating an app of this type is a big investment. However, if you plan it carefully, this can be one of the best investments in your company.



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