The Importance of Storage Management and Virtualization

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Nowadays, people have been creating an increasing amount of content, at an exponential pace. Because of this, people are consuming a tremendous amount of storage space every day. Thus the need for Cloud Computing technologies like Cloud Storage was born years ago to accommodate such demand. The terminologies might be new for some, but people are actually using it, every day without even realizing it. We use it when we access the internet, when we access our Facebook account, upload and share pictures, upload a video and share it with friends, play online games, submit reports, send and receive emails, and, really, anything that has something to do with data and the internet. Because of the tremendous amount of data that is being injected in the web, data storage management and virtualization comes is extremely important in order to handle the high amount of data. For a company that handles so much data every day, it is essential to have the proper equipment or hardware for data storage management and virtualization. This is where CDW comes in.


Who is CDW?

CDW is on the forefront of American companies that provide technological solutions for businesses, government, healthcare and education. The company strives to help customers by providing customized technological solutions in the fields of software, mobile devices, network communications, data storage, desktops, printer and video monitors, and virtualization, security, collaboration, mobility, security, cloud computing and optimization of data center.

What is Data Storage Management and Virtualization?

Exponential growth of data and its storage is one of the major issues of the companies nowadays. Subsequent need for storage is inevitable. This can be attributed to two major factors. Firstly, increase of emails and secondly, any company’s reluctance to delete any kind of information permanently cause the explosion of data.


Advantages of Storage Management and Virtualization

There are many advantages of having a proper data storage management and virtualization solution. For one, it could improve the handling of the company’s data. Storing and accessing files would become a lot easier. Data or Files will be properly archived for future purposes. Data Storage Management and Virtualization has also advantages in terms of the financial aspect of a company. It can reduce unnecessary administrative expenses and reduce the need for more IT resources. This means more savings for the company that could be invested in other things for the company’s growth.

Things Needed for an Effective Data Storage Management and Virtualization

Below are components that people should be aware of, since they are part of an effective data storage management and virtualization. A company may have one or more of these installed in their system.

Storage Area Network (SAN) – Is an enterprise-class type of dedicated network hardware that provides faster access to block-level data storage, and is designed to handle much larger, and offers greater protection and resiliency data than NAS (Network Attached Storage). A SAN can only be connected to a server class unit with SCSI Fiber Channel.

Blade Servers – Are the large rectangular but thin hardware you see in data centers. They are designed for maximum performance at the same time saves space and consumes lesser amount of power.


Storage Management Software – Is a general term used in the industry that describes the central management of data and storage systems. This is not limited to the actual software alone, but basically this handles the automation of data storage and reduced the complexity of the whole storage management.

Archiving Software – Is software that automates the migration and storage of data. It basically controls where the data are being stored and when the data can be deleted from the system.

E-Discovery Software – Is supplementary to Archiving Software. This basically handles the search function and ensures that files can be searched and retrieved easily from the archives.

Data De-duplication – It prevents or reduces the duplication of data, or data redundancy, in the network. This results in a multitude of benefits like data efficiency, space and money savings.

Data Storage Virtualization – Is a term that basically means putting all together the different data storage network and make them look like a single storage device unit. This is commonly used in SAN or Storage Area Networks.

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