Thundercats (2011 New Series) Episode 14 Release Date

A lot of Thundercats fans are waiting for the 14th episode of Thundercats (2011 New Series). According to IMDB, Thundercats 2011 episode 14 is entitled New Alliances. Unfortunately, until now the episode has not been released. The question now is why and when will episode 14 be released?


Why Thundercats 2011 Episode 14 is delayed?

Thundercats 2011 Episode 13 was the last episode for season 1 (season finale). Thunders 2011 Episode 14 entitled New Alliances is part of season 2 already. So most probably the makers are still on the process of finishing the season or they still need to fix something before they can start airing Thundercats 2011 season 2 starting with episode 14.

When is Thundercats 2011 Episode 14 release date?

Unfortunately Thundercats 2011 Episode 14 release date is still unknown. Hopefully Thundercats 2011 S02 EP14 will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2012. Otherwise fans would be very upset already.

Below are the expected episodes with their corresponding titles for season two as disclosed by imdb.

Thundercats 2011 Episode 14 – New Alliances
Thundercats 2011 Episode 15 – Trials of Lion-O: Part 1
Thundercats 2011 Episode 16 – Trials of Lion-O: Part 2
Thundercats 2011 Episode 17 – Native Son



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    its aired in ireland already

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