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Top 3 Sources For Learning About Amazon FBA

Anyone in e-commerce will tell you for a fact that Amazon is the largest online retailer that has over the past years helped other retailers get their businesses noticed. This didn’t come easy though, it was through extensive research on consumer behaviors that helped Amazon top the world as the leading online retail store.


amazon fba sources

The best part is that, with Amazon’s FBA handling and shipping solutions, you’ll be sure that your merchandise is safe and at the same time, you’ll have solutions that will allow you to reach so many users across the board. Needless to mention is the fact that your products will be on Amazon’s listings. If this isn’t a better deal for you, then nothing is.

But for all these to happen, you need to educate yourself on how Amazon’s FBA program works. For more on this, below are the top three sources for learning about the Amazon FBA program.

1. Through Amazon FBA Podcasts

Podcasts have in the recent past gained popularity in the mainstream as the digital way of learning skills through downloadable audio files. Now, like any other podcasts out there, Amazon FBA podcasts are educational and they’ll help you to get a grasp of how to become a better seller. Whether you are rebranding, repackaging, or launching a new product on Amazon, the Amazon FBA podcasts will provide you with insights on how to get your products going.

Better still, they’ll help you to know all that there is about the Amazon FBA program. Are you looking to be a top seller on Amazon? Then it’s time you learned about this podcast list by Flow Harrington about the best podcasts in the industry to help get you started. While the FBA program is outsourced, it will provide you with a platform through which others will do a huge chunk of your business’ heavy lifting. It makes sense, right? And what better way than to learn how the Amazon FBA program works through podcasts. This will make it easier to learn the tricks of this trade even while on the go. That having been said, let’s take a look at reasons why you should utilize Amazon FBA for your business. They include:

  • You’ll never have to pack, pick, or ship products – This extends to the need to hire hands to help with the picking, packing, and shipping processes that cost your business time and valuable resources. However, you’ll be responsible for product inspections and labeling. For a small fee though, you can have labeling done by Amazon or other third-party services.
  • It saves you space – Renting a warehouse can be expensive and if you’ve just started your e-commerce business, these are costs you’ll want to avoid. It gets even more complicated when dealing with multiple products.
  • Customer service – Customer fulfillment should be the top priority of every entrepreneur. Using Amazon’s FBA program means that Amazon will directly handle your customer services through their abled customer service representatives. Amazon, being a trusted brand will help to reassure your clients of quality services and products. This is a sure-fire way of increasing traffic to your brand.

2. Amazon FBA Courses

There are so many reasons why you need to invest in Amazon seller training sessions. While it might cost you – or not – it will be worth the investment. There are so many courses out there that can help you to get started on utilizing the Amazon FBA program. Through these courses, you get to learn in detail what the Amazon FBA program is all about, how it works, how to set up your FBA account, products you can sell through Amazon, and the various tools you can utilize to streamline your business.

Some courses will seem intensive and demanding but let’s face it, nothing in this world will be served on a silver platter. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the pros, you’ll be exposed to valuable information to help you become a better seller on Amazon, and you’ll be provided with tips and hacks on how to utilize Amazon FBA to the fullest. Some of these courses include Dante, FBA Leads UK, and Freedom Ticket, by Helium 10 to mention but a few. These are all online courses where you might be provided with visual aids such as CDs, charts, infographics, and other learning materials. But as earlier mentioned, you’ll have to part with a “few” coins.

3. Research

Now, this is a no brainer. Conducting extensive research online will help to shed more light on this very profitable selling platform. You can of course use Google to be your learning tool as you seek answers on where to start. Ideally, Amazon will help to provide you with the answers that you need. Through their website (Amazon), you can learn more about how the FBA program works and all the nitty gritty involved. Don’t shy away from reading the FAQ page or the help pages for assistance.

Before investing in just any Amazon FBA training course, ensure that it will be worth your time and resources. While there are free resources out there, they may not provide you with the information you need to get started. The above tips will provide you with the three most relevant sources for learning about the Amazon FBA program.



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