Top 7 Cosplayers to Follow on Social Media According to Mashable

Cosplaying has become more and more popular and the people in the cosplaying community has been steadily growing over the years. According to Bianca Consunji of Mashable, there are 7 cosplayers you should follow on social media. One of them is my favorite, Alodia Gosiengfiao, the cosplay queen from Philippines. Who are the other cosplayers that you should follow? Well, here they are starting with Alodia. (List does not come in any particular order).


Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia is a Filipina cosplayer from Philippines. She has garnered more than 1 millions fans already from her Facebook fan page ( Alodia has been appearing on TV shows, TV commercials, magazines, billboards and more. She’s also at Twitter ( You can view some of her cosplay gallery at Alodia Gosiengfiao Cosplay Gallery.

Jessica Nigri

Jessica is a cosplayer based on Arizona. I’m not quite sure why she is controversial but she has been constantly appearing at comic-cons. You can follow Jessica Nigri on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Yaya Han

Yayay has been a cosplayer for many years now. Yaya was first known last 2000 and since then she has been appearing at all comic-cons. She is also working as a full time model as well as costume designer. You can follow Yaya Han on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Marie is a Canadian cosplayer, at the same time a model. She is popularly known for cosplaying Susan Storm and Frost from Mortal Kombat. You can follow Marie on Facebook (


Maridah is a cosplayer from California. She is an Anime lover, blogger, cosplayer, figure, DD and BJD collector (like most of the cosplayers in this list). You can follow Maridah on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Spiral Cats

The Spiral Cats is a group from Korea. They are sometimes referred to as the Spiral Cats Team or SPCATS. They usually cosplay characters from Manga and genres such as Gothic, Lolita and more. You can follow them on Facebook (

Jannet Vinogradova

Jannet, or Jannet SoreKage Vinogradova, is a cosplayer from Russia, but she is also popular in Asia. She usually portrays as a Japanese video game character. You can follow here on Facebook ( Just don’t be surprised when you visit her fan page.

I’m pretty sure there are other popular cosplayers who are not on this list. If you could name them, just hit the comment section below. Just make sure they got thousands of followers.




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