TRON Gaming Mouse by Razer

Razer has a new gaming mouse inspired from the movie TRON. When you take a look at the mouse, the first thing that you might say is that “Hey this looks like the vehicles from TRON”. You’re actually right. The lights and sounds came from TRON. TRON Gaming Mouse is equipped with a 5600dpi 3.5 laser for enhance performance that will surely get you Imba.


TRON Gaming Mouse has an Ambidextrous design so that players who are left handed or right handed can both experience its unique functions. It has also a unique TRON light and sound feature which the Razer team got from the movie. This will actually make you feel and experience TRON more.

Technical details of TRON Gaming Mouse:

  • 5600dpi 3.5g Laser
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Dimensions in mm: 61.3 (W) * 110 (L) * 33.5 (H)
  • Light and Sound Effects at Startup and Shutdown
  • Lighting Alerts
  • 7 Hyperesponse™ Buttons
  • Ultrapolling (1000Hz Polling / 1ms Response)
  • Braided 7 Foot USB Cable

TRON Gaming Mouse is available at RazerZone for $99.99 only.

You can buy a Tron Gaming Mouse now. Just choose below from the three options, Tron Gaming Mouse, Tron Gaming Mouse with Tron Mouse Pad and Tron Gaming Keyboard:



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  1. reaskha slowboy Avatar
    reaskha slowboy

    where to buy

    1.  Avatar

      Hi reaskha slowboy, I have updated my post regarding Tron Gaming mouse. You can grab one now using the buttons above after the article. You can choose from Tron Gaming mouse only, Tron Gaming Mouse with Mouse Pad or Tron Gaming Keyboard. Thanks!

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