Tuff-Luv E-Volve Expedition I (Astra) SLR Camera Backpack Review

For a photographer, the camera and the lens are imperative to take those beautiful photos. But other than the hardware itself, there are other gears that are essential to a photographer. And one of them is a backpack. Today, let’s take a look at Tuff-Luv’s SLR Camera Backpack, specifically the, Tuff-Luv E-volve Expedition I (Astra). Thanks to LoveCases.co.uk for providing the item for review. Please continue reading below and find out if this £29.99 camera backpack is your camera’s next companion.


tuff-luv e-volve expedition review

Tuff-Luv E-Volve Expedition Review

The Tuff-Luv E-Volve Expedition has a rucksack design with three separate compartments, one for your camer’s lens and accessories, another for your laptop, and finally for your camera. Aside from the three main compartments there are also small compartments for other accessories or office supplies.

The lower compartment, or the wide-mouth, can store up to 6 lenses. It has padded cushion around the area to protect your lenses from bumps. There are also padding at the back of the backpack to protect the laptop.

The camera compartment is compatible with most SLR cameras. It has a dimension of 30cm x 15cm x 15 cm. There are also small pouch for other accessories, like pen, maps, extra batteries, chargers, memory cards and phones. Meanwhile the laptop section has a dimension of 33cm x 45cm x20cm, and I think you can put a 15-inch or even a 17-inch laptop, or perhaps extra clothes when your shooting outdoors.

tuff-luv e-volve expedition slr camera backpack

Although the, Tuff-Luv E-volve Expedition camera backpack is not water proof, there is a 100% waterproof raincoat hidden at the back-lower section of the bag. You can easily pull that out and cover the exposed area of your backpack. But even though it’s a 100% waterproof raincoat, I wouldn’t suggest that you expose the bag too much in the rain, specially during strong rainfall.

The E-Volve Expedition also features wide padded shoulder straps (with compartment for a phone), hip strap and a lumber pad. Your bag can become pretty heavy specially when you put a laptop, a camera and 3 other lenses. The straps and lumbar pads helps provide a stable and comfortable feeling.

tuff-luv e-volve expedition review-03

tuff-luv e-volve expedition review-04


For the price of only £29.99, I think the Tuff-Luv E-volve Expedition SLR Camera backpack is a great deal, specially if you can’t afford those above £50 camera backpacks. But this backpack has also its pros and cons. Check them out below.


  • Compatible with most camera
  • Laptop compartment
  • It has a fold down compartment for easy access
  • 100% waterproof raincoat
  • Dedicated carrying handle
  • Multiple straps and lumbar pads
  • Multiple compartments and pockets
  • Affordable price


  • Backpack itself if not waterproof or weather sealed
  • The raincoat will not totally cover the bag
  • No suspension or strap for the SLR
  • No front/side cushion for the camera compartment

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