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Unohana Vs Kenpachi: Did Unohana do Something to Kenpachi? Bleach 524 Review

Bleach 524 manga chapter was recently released. And it was an great battle between the two vicious Kenpachis, Captain Unohana “First Kenpachi” vs Zaraki Kenpachi. Zaraki, as usual, swings his sword with all his might, using only one hand, but Unohana was faster and more skilled with using the sword. Who do you think will win? Will Kenpachi finally learn the way of the sword? Does Unohana need to sacrifice her life for Kenpachi’s sake? Please continue reading my Bleach 524 review below.


UPDATE: Check out Bleach chapter 525

bleach 524 review and discussionImage credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist XxAlessioxX

Bleach 524 Review and Discussion

Bleach 524 was a great chapter! I just wish we would be able to see this in animation. Zaraki tries to hit Unohana, but despite his brute power, he can’t even land a single hit on Unohana. If you have noticed, Zaraki has removed his eye-patch, meaning he is fighting with all his powers unleashed.

Both of them are not holding back, but as usual, as much as Zaraki wants to cut somebody, he seemed to like being cut by his enemy as well. Zaraki seemed to be disappointed when Unohana used techniques other than her sword to injure Zaraki. But I think Zaraki missed her point.

She didn’t used those technique to gain advantage over Zaraki, she was just simply showing him how weak he is. Fighting a strong opponent with one hand would be crazy. Finally Unohana was able to pin Zaraki and stabbed him through his throat. Or did she not?

This is the mysterious part in Bleach 524. We all saw Unohana’s sword passed through the throat or neck of Zaraki. But after a second, Zaraki was back crossing swords with her. Was that an illusion? Or Zaraki’s imagination? Perhaps not. I think it really did happen, getting his throat stabbed by Unohana.

Captain Unohana did “something” to Zaraki in the past. She said that every time Zaraki is near death he became stronger. Hmmm.. sounds familiar? Is Zaraki a Super Saiyan? Lol!

The chapter then refers to it as “Unohana’s Sin”. In my opinion, Unohana might have altered or re-engineered Zaraki’s body. I don’t recall Unohana having illusion type of powers, but nevertheless if Zaraki can’t figure it out, he might loose and Unohana might kill him.

Zaraki might use Kendo again, just like what he did to Nnoitra. I don’t think Zaraki would be able to defeat Unohana with just brute force and only using one hand. I am also thinking that Unohana’s past might affect her judgement. She might be holding back because of her “sin”.

Right now, I am still clueless with her past and how it is connected to Zaraki. I’m sure the next chapter will be about Unohana’s Sin and we will learn more about their history. Bleach 524 is a great chapter because of the fighting scenes. But it’s also a short chapter. Slash here and slash there and a little talk… the end.

Let’s just hope that the next chapter will be more interesting.



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  1. Unohana is a master healer, her healing skills surpass orihimes easily, she killed kenpachi several times, and healed him to make a point.

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