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UnoTelly Review: Now You can Watch US-Based Channels Online

If you love to watch series like House or Prison Break, or you love to watch TV series online, you probably encountered popular online channels like NetFlix, Hulu, Cartoon Network and many more. Most of these channels airs some of the most popular and must watch TV series or movies. Unfortunately these channels are not available for everyone. They are restricted to US based clients only. When you visit one of these sites and you are from outside US, a message will pop-out saying that “Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States” or something similar to that. But that’s going to change with UnoTelly.


unodns review

Unotelly: What is it?

UnoTelly (or UnoDNS) is an online service that helps you bypass the barriers that is preventing you from accessing and watching from US-based TV channels online. To make it short, the system lets you access sites like Hulu, Spotify and more, and watch online TV shows from those sites.

How does it work?

So how does UnoTelly work? First of all, UnoTelly is free to try, but you will have to subscribe and pay for the monthly fees to fully enjoy the services. You can either go for a Premium plan priced at $4.95 per month. This includes free channels, premium channels, and the system is compatible with PC, Mac, Linux and other devices. Or the Gold plan priced at $7.95 that includes everything that the Premium plan has, plus Gold Channels.

unotelly review

After subscribing, you will be given instructions on how to setup UnoDNS. The instructions are a little bit confusing to follow, specially if you are not familiar with setting up DNS and IP address. But there’s a step by step manual and video to show you how you can setup UnoDNS on different devices.

unodns review

After you have successfully setup everything, you are good to go. Just visit a site, for example Cartoon Network, and start watching. Of course most of these online channels also requires monthly subscription that you need to pay in order for you to watch from their channels.

For more information about the online TV channels supported by UnoTelly and the different devices supported by UnoDNS, just visit



2 responses to “UnoTelly Review: Now You can Watch US-Based Channels Online”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Unotelly seems to be a good solution for me.

  2. brett.Hughes Avatar

    unotelly is working out fine for me. Purchased their yearly pack after trying it only for 3 days !

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