Vampire Knight 82 Bloody Rose – Now Available!

Published on April 15th, 2012

Vampire Knight 82 is the next exciting chapter in the Vampire Knight manga series. In the previous chapter, the Hunters are one by one locking up the purebloods, but they failed to capture Shirabuki Sara.


UPDATE: The wait is over. Vampire Knight 82 is now available! You can now read Vampire Knight 82. Click the image below.

Yuki holds Artemis, a weapon made to strike down vampires. And Kaname is still fighting her. Zero comes into the scene and shoot her in the head. An Illusion created by Sara?

Zero is determined to eliminate Kuran Kaname, instead of letting Kaname and Sara finish each other. Can Zero really eliminate Kaname? Find out in Vampire Knight 82 when it comes out.

Vampire Knight 82, a shojo manga, is written by Matsuri Himo. Vampire Knight Chapters are usually scanlated by S2scans. As of today, Vampire Knight chapter 82 is not yet available. Vampire Knight 82 spoilers are not yet available either.

Vampire Knight 82 release date is unpredictable, but based on the previous months, it is usually released during the last week of the month. We are expecting that Vampire Knight 82 would be available sometime around Apring 24-27, 2012.

Bookmark this page, I’ll update this post once Vampire Knight Chapter 82 is available.


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