vampire knight chapter 84

Vampire Knight Chapters 84 and 85 now Available

Vampire Knight chapter 84 and chapter 85 are now available after three months of waiting. I wonder what happened to Hino Matsuri during those months when Vampire Knight was not released. A lot of fans were very excited to read the next chapters, at the same time disappointed because two months have already passed and still no chapters where released.


vampire knight chapter 84Artwork and Vampire Knight manga belongs to Matsuri Hino

Vampire Knight chapter 84 is entitled “The Arrogant King and the Conceited Queen“, while Vampire Knight chapter 85 is entitled “I will Succeed You“. Both chapters were released on the same date, August 25. It has been three months already, and I am unable to follow the chapters anymore. I couldn’t remember what had happened in chapter 83, and I need to read the previous chapters again.

Anyway, the fight still continued in chapter 84, were we last saw Zero, Kaname and Yuki fighting. We also saw the rose vines, and this time butterfly-embodiments. I don’t want to spoil you any further, just read Vampire Knight 84 and 85 on popular manga sites. The chapter 84 contains around 38 pages, while chapter 8 is just around 81 pages, including the credits.



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