What is IMBA? Definition and where the heck it came from

Have you ever heard the term Imba before? Maybe you have been wondering what Imba means that’s why you stumbled into this post.
You might probably heard Imba in Warcraft’s DOTA or any other MMO games. Or you might have heard it from Razer’s site and its products or you just heard it from a friend or read from a computer related forum.


The term IMBA is short for Imbalanced. It simply means that there is an imbalance between two or more opposing forces or teams. Usually in MMO games, DOTA or any other online or network games which involves different teams and players. The imbalance occurred because one team or player is overpowered by the other by means of strategy, number or using additional hardware.

Imba or Imbalance may not be the same with miss match but rather it is more like overpower or not balance. Although some player uses the term Imba to say to the opponent that the game is a miss match or the situation or setting is unfair.

Razer uses the term Imba or “Get Imba” to signify the advantage that you have when using their hardware like Anansi keyboard or Naga mouse. As per Razer’s description; Imba pronounce as [im-buh] is an adjective which means 1. Imbalanced or overpowered, 2. Used to describe a player who gets too powerful to defeat.



2 responses to “What is IMBA? Definition and where the heck it came from”

  1. Tsukemono Avatar

    Back in wow classic, imba ment I’M a Bad Ass.

    1.  Avatar

      Really? Didn’t know that. hehe thanks for the info! ^_^

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