Wheel of Fortune (Platinum) Answers and Solutions

Published on July 20th, 2012

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Wheel of Fortune Platinum – Phrase

A Clean Sweep
A Feast For The Eyes
A Little Bird Told Me
A Perfect Fit
A Sight For Sore Eyes
A Smashing Evening
All Fired Up!
All Hands On Deck
All Talk No Action
Any Other Requests?
Anything And Everything
Anytime Anywhere Anyplace
Are We There Yet?
As Nimble As A Deer
At A Crossroads
Batteries Not Included
Be On Your Best Behavior
Bells And Whistles
Breath Of Fresh Air
Bury The Hatchet
But Wait There’s More
Buy It And Let’s Go
By The Process Of Elimination
By The Sweat Of My Brow
By Your Side
Call Me When You Get A Second
Camera Shy
Cat Got Your Tongue?
Caught In The Act
Closed On Christmas And New Year’s
Clumsy As An Ox
Common Thread
Consider All The Variables
Corporate Ladder
Covers A Multitude Of Sins
Crying Wolf
Cute As A Button
Dinner Is Served
Do As I Say Not As I Do
Don’t Be A Party Pooper
Don’t Make Me Get Up
Don’t Put A Damper On Things
Double Whammy
Drive Safely
Easy To Assemble
Eat Your Vegetables
Exudes Confidence
Fading Away
Fast And Dependable Service
Feast Fit For A King
Fiercely Protective
Fifteen Minutes Of Fame
Figuratively Speaking
Flash In The Pan
Flash That Winning Smile
Follow Me On Twitter
Formally Introduced
Fresh As A Daisy
Get All Your Ducks In A Row
Get Back To Work
Getting Your Feet Wet
Given Free Rein
Go Out On A Limb
Going All Out
Going Steady
Good Point
Great Minds Think Alike
Hard As A Rock
Have A Great Day!
Heaping Praise
High-And- Mighty
Hold All Calls
Hold Their Feet To The Fire
Hot And Humid
How Dare You!
How Do You Do?
I Approve
I Could Kick Myself
I Don’t Find That The Least Bit Funny
I’d Like To Change My Order
I’m Going To Make It My Business
I’m Starting My Diet Tomorrow
If All Else Fails
If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another
In Good Health
In My Humble Opinion
In The Belly Of The Beast
Is Anyone Sitting Here?
Isn’t Love Grand?
It Makes My Blood Boil
It’s A Breeze
It’s All The Rage
It’s Never Too Late
It’s Up To You
Jump The Gun
Just A Kid At Heart
Just Moments Away
Keep It Hush-Hush
Keep Me In Stitches
Keep Me Updated
Keep Your Nose Clean
Kettle Of Fish
Kids Eat Free
Leads Me To Believe
Leave Your Troubles At The Door
Less Said The Better
Look Before You Leap
Look Sharp
Love Is In The Air
May I Make A Request?
Met With Open Arms
Money Is No Object
More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys
My Offer Still Stands
My Patience Is Growing Thin
Neat As A Pin
Not For All The Tea In China
Nothing Personal
Now More Than Ever
Off The Beaten Path
Off Your Rocker
Oh My Gosh
On A Roll
On A Whim
On Cloud Nine
On The Right Path
On The Road To Recovery
Once-In- A-Lifetime
Out Of The Clear Blue Sky
Over My Dead Body
Over The Top
Paper Tiger
Picking Up Speed
Poking Fun
Positively No Visitors
Pumping Iron
Puppies For Sale
Put On Your Game Face
Put Pen To Paper
Put Up Your Dukes
Put Yourself Out There
Quench Your Thirst
Race To The Finish
Ready Set Go!
Refresh My Memory
Repeat My Command
Right Before My Very Eyes
Right In Your Own Backyard
Robbing Peter To Pay Paul
Rock Solid
Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day
Rubbing Elbows
She’s Just Going Through A Phase
Show Me How
Show Your Stuff
Simply Irresistible
Sitting On Top Of The World
Soft As A Kitten
Soft To The Touch
Spilling The Beans
Squeaky- Clean
Step Right Up!
Subplot Grows The Plot
Take It With A Grain Of Salt
Taking Drastic Measures
Tentatively Set
That’s Nothing To Sneeze At
The Apple Of My Eye
The Finer Things In Life
The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye
The Joke’s On Me
The Midas Touch
The Patience Of Job
The Real Mccoy
The Whole Enchilada
The Whole Nine Yards
The Wolverine State
Thinking Outside The Box
This I’ve Got To See
This Just Struck Me Funny
Thundering Silence
Time- Honored Tradition
To Borrow An Old Cliche
Tooting My Own Horn
Total Mayhem
Tough Times Ahead
Two Of A Kind
Two Schools Of Thought
Up The Ante
Voice My Support
Vouch For Me
Vying For Attention
We Pass The Savings On To You
What Is The Meaning Of This?
What’s For Dinner?
What’s The Word?
Where Do You Think You Are Going?
Who Do You Think You Are Talking To?
Why Don’t You Stay Awhile?
Will You Marry Me?
With Pen In Hand
Work Out The Kinks
Would You Like To Join Us?
You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into It
You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
You Can’t Win Them All
You Have Your Work Cut Out For You
You Just Made My Day
You Leave Me No Choice
You Look Amazing
You Look Like A Million Dollars
You Must Be Absolutely Sure
You Need To Get Over Yourself
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
You’ll Never Know Unless You Try
You’re As Young As You Feel
You’re Gonna Love This
You’re Just The Sweetest Thing
You’re Looking Swell
You- Know- Who Is Back
Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
Your Wish Is My Command


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