Wheel of Fortune (Platinum) Answers and Solutions

Published on July 20th, 2012

In this page, you will see the possible answers for the Place and Places categories. To find the best answer, I suggest you try using the Search function in your browser by pressing “Ctrl + F” and try to look for the letters for the possible answers. Enjoy and do not forget to share this post to your network!

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Wheel of Fortune Platinum – Place

All-You- Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet
Antebellum Mansion
Banquet Room
Beach Town
Bird Sanctuary
Bowling Alley
Boxing Ring
Branch Store
California Vineyard
Cashier’s Booth
Center Of The Room
City Park
Coffee Shop
College Town
Comic- Book Store
Corner Office
Corporate Headquarters
Creek Bed
Crooked Mountain Path
Dead-End Street
Detective Agency
Dining Car On A Cross- Country Train
Downtown Bar And Restaurant
Dream House
Duplex Apartment
Elegant Dining Room
Exclusive Waterfront Hotel
Exclusive Wedding Boutique
Family Farm
Farmers’ Market
Fast-Food Restaurant
Favorite Candy Store
Flooded Basement
Four-Way Intersection
Full-Service Salon
General Vicinity
High School Gymnasium
Historic Building
Home Office
Honeymoon Suite
Ice Cream Shop
Japanese Garden
Jewelry Store
Landing Pad
Limited Seating Area
Lincoln Bedroom
Local Independent Bookstore
Local Television Station
Long Hallway
Main Road
Malibu Beach House
Military Bunker
Modern Art Museum
Moroccan Restaurant
Motor Speedway
Movie Studio Backlot
Multipurpose Gym
My Favorite Italian Cafe
Narrow Parking Stall
National Park
Neighborhood Deli
Peaceful Setting
Perfect Parking Space
Photography Studio
Popular Vacation Destination
Private Art Studio
Private Country Retreat
Private Entrance
Private Terrace
Quaint Downtown Area
Recording Studio
Room With A View Of The Ocean
Safari Park
School Playground
Shallow Kids’ Pool
Ski Shop
Social Security Office
Soothing Mountain Stream
State Historic Park
Steak House
Student Lounge
Sugar Refining Plant
Summer Camp
Swanky Cafe
Tailor Shop
The Coolest Room In The House
The Heart Of The Jungle
The Open Road
Training Camp
Trendy New Restaurant
Two-Car Garage
Underwater Garden
United States Embassy
Wedding Chapel
Wine Cellar

Wheel of Fortune Platinum – Places

Full Bath & Half Bath
Horse Stables
New Businesses
Popular Tourist Attractions
Pristine Beaches
Wide-Open Spaces


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