Wheel of Fortune (Platinum) Answers and Solutions

Published on July 20th, 2012

In this page, you will see the possible answers for the What are you doing? Category. To find the best answer, I suggest you try using the Search function in your browser by pressing “Ctrl + F” and try to look for the letters for the possible answers. Enjoy and do not forget to share this post to your network!

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Wheel of Fortune Platinum – What Are You Doing?

Asking You Out On A Date
Baking A Delicious Banana Cream Pie
Blowing A Kiss
Blowing Up An Inner Tube
Boosting Morale
Breathing Heavily
Building A Tree House
Building The Home Of My Dreams
Buying A Book
Buying A New Swimsuit
Buying Lunch For My Friends
Casting My Vote
Catching Fireflies
Catching Up On My Reading
Changing The Baby’s Diapers
Collecting Baseball Cards
Collecting Scrap Metal
Combing My Hair
Conserving Water
Counting To One-Hundred
Cracking A Bullwhip
Cramming For Finals
Crossing Items Off Of My Shopping List
Crushing Boxes
Crying While Chopping Onions
Decorating Sugar Cookies
Dedicating A Statue
Digging Deep
Discussing Current Events
Doing Odd Jobs Around The House
Donating Money
Donating Old Clothes To Charity
Downloading Popular Music
Drinking My Morning Coffee
Driving Along The Pacific Coast
Driving On A Winding Road
Driving Safely
Eating A Nutritious Breakfast
Eating An Ice Cream Sundae
Eating Candy Hearts
Eating Over The Sink
Enjoying A Picnic Lunch
Enjoying A Unique Experience
Enjoying A Walk In The Snow
Enjoying Dinner On The Patio
Enjoying Scones And Coffee For Breakfast
Enlarging Photos
Entering A Drawing Contest
Exchanging Pleasantries
Feeling Rejuvenated
Filling In The Gaps
Flying A Kite
Getting A Good Night’s Sleep
Getting A Haircut
Getting A Second Wind
Giving Blood
Giving Up My Bed For A Guest
Glancing Over My Shoulder
Going Backpacking
Going For A Morning Run
Going Grocery Shopping
Going To The Gym
Having A Coughing Fit
Holding The Elevator
Jotting Down Notes
Jumping Hurdles
Knocking Loudly
Learning To Golf
Learning To Play The Guitar
Lifting Weights
Looking Chic
Looking For My Car Keys
Looking Out The Window
Losing My Place In Line
Making Onion-Ring Batter
Making Pancakes
Making Something Of Myself
Making Tough Decisions
Negotiating A Fee
Night Swimming
Opening My Bedroom Window
Ordering Flowers For Mother’s Day
Ordering Pizza Online
Painting A Fence
Painting And Sculpting
Parking My Car
Performing A Somersault
Pitching A Tent
Planning A Party
Planning The Wedding Of My Dreams
Planting A Garden
Playing A Party Game
Polishing The Silverware
Pulling Weeds From My Garden
Putting A Smile On Your Face
Putting Another Log On The Fire
Putting Money In My Piggy Bank
Putting On The Finishing Touches
Reaching My Destination
Reading A Mystery Novel
Reading My Favorite Blog
Redecorating The House
Refusing To Answer The Phone
Renewing My Passport
Reorganizing A Closet
Retracing My Steps
Returning Books To The Library
Riding A Unicycle
Running Fast
Saving A Few Dollars
Sending A Text Message
Sending Christmas Cards
Sending Flowers To My Sweetheart
Sending Out Valentines
Sharing Equally
Sharpening Steak Knives
Shopping For A New Outfit
Showing My Vacation Photos
Singing A Lullaby
Singing My Favorite Song
Singing My Favorite Tune
Sipping An Espresso
Sliding Down A Snowy Hill
Snacking Between Meals
Softly Whispering
Solving A Crossword Puzzle
Spending The Day At The Beach
Standing Guard
Starting My Day On A Bright Note
Staying Out Past Curfew
Taking A Bow
Taking A Shortcut
Taking A Walk Around The Block
Taking Driving Lessons
Taking Golf Lessons
Taking My Date To The Movies
Taking My Vitamins
Telling A Funny Riddle
Telling A Scary Story
Test-Driving A New Car
Testifying In Court
Thinking Up A Fun Halloween Costume
Throwing Confetti At A Party
Tiptoeing Across The Floor
Traveling By Train
Trying To Look Calm
Trying To Reach The Top Shelf
Updating My Facebook Page
Waiting By The Phone
Walking Back To The House
Walking My Dog
Walking On The Treadmill
Watching A Romantic Comedy
Watching Late-Night TV
Watching The Local News
Watching The Sunrise
Wearing Green On St. Patrick’s Day
Whipping Up A Quick Dinner
Window- Shopping
Working Bankers’ Hours
Working In My Garden
Working My Way Through School
Writing A Letter To Santa Claus
Writing A Long Letter


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