Wheel of Fortune (Platinum) Answers and Solutions

Published on July 20th, 2012

In this page, you will see the possible answers for the Fun and Games, and In the Kitchen categories. To find the best answer, I suggest you try using the Search function in your browser by pressing “Ctrl + F” and try to look for the letters for the possible answers. Enjoy and do not forget to share this post to your network!

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Wheel of Fortune Platinum – Fun & Games

Amusing Joke
Arm Wrestling
Blowing Up Balloons
Building A Dollhouse
Carnival Attractions
Carnival Rides
Collecting Baseball Cards
Computer Solitaire
Dodge Ball
Extra Innings
Fun Summer Activities
Going On A Scavenger Hunt
Going Skiing
Going To A Slumber Party
Halloween Block Party
Knock Knock Who’s There?
League Night At The Bowling Alley
Learning To Water-Ski
Paintball Fight
Painting By Numbers
Pickup Basketball Game
Pin The Tail On The Donkey
Playing Checkers
Playing Connect The Dots
Playing Darts
Playing In The Sandbox
Playing Monopoly
Playing Musical Chairs
Playing Tic-Tac-Toe
Riding My Skateboard
Running For The Goal Line
Skating On A Frozen Lake
Stock Car Racing
Toy Action Figures
Toy Robot
Volleyball Match
Wheelbarrow Races
Women’s Lacrosse
Word Scramble
Yo-Yo Tricks

Wheel of Fortune Platinum – In The Kitchen

Butcher Knife
Cappuccino Machine
Cheese Grater
China Teacup
Chipped Dinner Plate
Collapsible Grater
Cooking Gadgets
French Canning Jars
Heart- Shaped Dessert Platter
Metal Spatula
Nonstick Frying Pan
Paper Napkin
Pineapple Slicer
Plastic Spatula
Plastic Spoon
Rare China
Rusted Pot
Salad Tongs
Scented Dishwashing Liquid
Self- Cleaning Oven
Serving Dish
Silver Serving Bowl


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