White iPhone 4 Now Available – In The Philippines? Soon…

Finally, the most awaited and amazing white version of the iPhone 4 is now available. After months of waiting for this version, the white iPhone 4 will initially be available in 28 countries.


It is still not confirmed if the Philippines is one of the 28 countries where the white iPhone 4 will be initially be available. Reports say that the Globe Telecom, the official distributor of iPhones, are still having delays from the black iPhone 4. Although it is expected that grey markets and some merchants will get there hand first on the white iPhone 4 and will be sold before the official distributor.
Price for the white iPhone 4 would be more or less be the same as the black version of iPhone 4, around Php 37,000++ for the 16GB and Php 43,000++ for the 32GB. Because of the availability issue with the black iPhone 4, the white iPhone 4 will most probably be delayed also. Just be patient it will arrive soon here in our local stores.

Oh by the way, reports also say that the white iPhone 4, although not noticeably by the eyes, is slightly thicker than the black iPhone 4 by a few nanometer or microns. It might be the result of some standard deviations during manufacturing of the case for the white iPhone 4. Souce: OMG the white iPhone is 2 microns thicker



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