White iPhone 5 Spotted: Nice and Sexy!

Recently, a white iPhone 5 was spotted spreading across the web. They look nice and sexy indeed. The iPhone5 is bigger than the iPhone 4S and packs more great features and specifications. But don’t get fooled by these white iPhone5. These are just rendered images that were inspired by leaked photos or concept images of the upcoming and most awaited iPhone5. Cool isn’t it? And it looks very real!


White iPhone 5 Pictures

(White) iPhone 5 Specifications

Details on the specifications of iPhone 5 are still not confirmed. As of today, much information about the phone comes from leaks and rumors only. So far we know that the upcoming iPhone 5 is bigger than the iPhone 4S. The iPhone5 might sport a 4-inch retina display with a resolution of 1,136×640 and 320 pixels per inch, and brightness of 500 nits. Most probably the phone will run on the latest iOS 6 operating system which was recently introduced at Apple’s WWDC 2012.

(White) iPhone 5 Release Date

Another question which is also not answered until today is “When is the release date of iPhone5?”. We were expecting that the iPhone 5 would be release this year, and as most of the fans do.




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