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WPEngine Special Offer: $25 Off or 2 Months Free on any Hosting Plan

WPEngine, one of the most trusted Managed WordPress Hosting company, is giving away promotional discounts on their hosting plans to help you get started. One is a special offer code that will let you enjoy $25 off on your bill for the first Three months. While the other is a promotion link where you get 2 months free if you subscribed for a 1 year plan. So which special offer code should you use? Find more information below.

wpengine coupon code

UPDATE: WP Engine announces Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promo this 2013!

I’m sure you have already an idea of WPEngine by this moment. And you are probably on your way to subscribe on one of their hosting plan. Just a recap, WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting is all about speed, security and scalability. You might want to read my review for more details. If not, let’s get straight to the point then.

WPEngine Special Offer Code

For the WPEngine special offer code simply click the button below. It will display the code and simple copy and past the code on checkout. Make sure to hit the arrow/apply button to confirm the code, you will see the updated price immediately after implementing the code AND hitting the arrow/apply button.

UPDATE: Sorry the special offer code is removed since it no longer works. Instead signup for a 1 year plan to get 2 months free here. See details below.

WP Engine Discount

For the discount, proceed to the page here.
Sign up for a 1 year hosting plan and you instantly get 2 months free of hosting. This WP Engine discount or promotion is also applicable to existing customers, cools isn’t it?

wp engine coupon

Which To Choose?

Now since there are two ways to save money, which one should you choose? The WPEngine special offer code or the 2 months free with 1 year subscription?

If you are signing up for a Personal plan which is $29 per month, definitely use the coupon code above. Since you can save a total of $75 ($25 x 3 months) on your hosting.

But if you are signing up for a Professional plan or higher plan, I recommended that you pre-pay for 1 year of hosting plan and get Two months free hosting.

Two months of free hosting when on Professional plan is already worth $198 USD. Where as when using the coupon code, you will only have a maximum of $75 off. See the difference?

Also you can not use the coupon code above if you opt for a 1 year subscription.

There you have it, good luck! Be sure to share this post with your friends!


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