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Download Angry Birds Star Wars for Android, iOS, Windows and Kindle Fire

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games creative by Rovio. It started with Angry Birds, followed by different seasons. Then Rovio took the birds to space and released Angry Birds Space, built with new features like gravity and new space birds. Now Rovio is giving the birds the power of the Force (Jedi) and further took the war into a galactic war. Thus born, Angry Birds Star Wars. According to Rovio, you can download Angry Birds Star Wars starting November 8, and like its predecessors, it will be available in different platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Amazon Kindle Fire. Download link will be available below.


[alert type=”green”]UPDATE: It’s now available! See download links below.[/alert]


kindle fire


windows pc

The Angry Birds Star Wars game play is a combination of the classic gameplay fused with Star Wars characters, stories and most probably Jedi powers. The Jedi or the rebel army are obviously the birds, while the dark side of the Force, including Darth Piggy, are the bad piggies.

Players will experience different locations like the Death Star and Tatooine. According to Peter Vesterbacka, “this is the best Angry Birds game we’ve ever done“. I can’t imagine what will these birds do with a light saber will being sling-shot at the piggies. Also on October 28, Angry Birds Star Wars merchandise will hit the local stores. These includes tshirts, stuff toys, toys, and other Angry Birds related accessories.

download angry birds space for pc

Rovio sure doesn’t stop on making one great game to another. They have recently released Bad Piggies and it’s already a huge hit. Next month we will experience the full Force of the Jedi Birds.

Stay tuned and bookmark this page. I’ll update this post once you can download Angry birds Star Wars for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and other platforms below. Meanwhile watch the teaser video below.

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12 responses to “Download Angry Birds Star Wars for Android, iOS, Windows and Kindle Fire”

  1. GooD

  2. Rahul Mehta Avatar
    Rahul Mehta

    Eagerly waiting for the release of star wars update . Btw is this confirmed that this game is gonna be available for PC ??

    1. Most probably. Since all Angry Birds even the bad piggies have Pc version.

      1. Rahul Mehta Avatar
        Rahul Mehta

        Thanks Jeff for clarifying the matter . Actually i read it somewhere that this game will be available either for PC or Mac . only few days left now 😀

  3. donnie colbert Avatar
    donnie colbert

    where can i download angry birdscstar wars from my android i really want it and cant seem to find the game to download

    1. download link will be available shortly. I’m also waiting for this to arrive for my review

  4. I guess its november 8th in the. US it comes out? Not Australia, haha… Bugger, I gotta wait 1 more day, haha

    1. Hi bruce. Yes we have to wait a few more hours before the game is released in our time zone. Just a few more hours and it should be available

      1. ron madrid Avatar
        ron madrid

        what time will the angry birds star wars release here in south east asia? any idea?

        1. it’s now available! links already updated. ^_^

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