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4K vs 1080p – Just How Good is 4K Resolution?

Currently, we are leaving on a world of High Definitions. Most of us already knows what a 720p and a 1080p display, and how good they are. Most, if not all, Smart TVs, LED display, touch screens have a 1080p display. Oh, even some smartphones have a 1080p display. But what’s next to 1080p? What’s higher? That’s 4K resolution. You might not have heard about it before, but 4K HDTVs, like Sony 84-Inch XBR-84X900 or the cheaper 55-inch Sony XBR-55X900A, are already out in the market. So how good 4K really is, and what’s the difference. See it below.


sony xbr 4k hdtv

4K vs 1080p Resolution

A 4K resolution is like 1080 x 4. It has 4x much more resolution compared to the popular 1080p display, it’s like 40000p. 1080p is technically 1K, well 1.08K. A 4K display produces a much sharper image, more details and clarity.

Below is an example of a 4K vs 1080p resolution side by side.

1080p vs 4k resolution

The image above is from a 4K display magnified. Meanwhile, the image below is from a 1080p display magnified.

4k vs 1080p resolution

As you can see, the letters from the 4K display are clearly visible and readable, even in a certain degree of magnification. Whereas the letters from the 1080p display are no longer readable and you have to zoom out to clearly see the letters.

Amazing right? So should you buy 4K HDTVs right now? My answer is, or rather a suggestion, – don’t buy 4K HDTV yet. Why?

A 4K flat screen is super expensive right now. And besides, there’s no 4K media available yet. Blu-ray movies are in 1080 max, some HD cables have only 720p max, and some countries don’t have HD signal yet. Meaning you won’t be able to maximize its capabilities anyway.

Well, if you have a GeForce GTX Titan or a GTX 690 or even a Radeon HD 7990 you might probably put a 4K display to good use. But for now, it’s best to wait for 4K display to become the standard display or wait it to become much more affordable.



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