ModDIY Coupon Code 2014: Get Discounts on ALL items sold in modDIY

Looking for modding supplies that will make your “Rig” stand out from the rest? ModDIY is one of the online stores that has the best selection of PC Mod supplies from customized PSU modular cables, customized SATA power cables and many many more. They also sell modding tools that every PC enthusiast and modders are looking for.


UPDATE: The ModDIY coupon code WHATSWITHJEFF no longer works. But don’t worry, it was just replaced. The working ModDIY coupon code is now WHATSWITHJEFF10. Use WHATSWITHJEFF10 every time you purchase/order items from ModDIY PC Mod Supplies.

I’m pretty sure you are very excited to look at their stuffs. Below is a list of some of their products:

  • Apple Accessories
  • Bay Devices
  • Cables
  • Cable Sleeving
  • Cases
  • Case Parts
  • Connectors
  • CPUs (Processors)
  • Docking Stations
  • Electrical Wire
  • ESD Anti Static
  • Fans & Accessories
  • Hard Drives & Accys
  • Heatshrink
  • Heatsinks & Cooling


  • Lighting & UV
  • Memory
  • Memory Cards
  • PC Clean
  • Protective Jack Covers
  • Screws & Bits
  • Software
  • Sound Dampening
  • Stickers
  • Thermal Paste & Pads
  • Tools
  • Tubing
  • Water Cooling
  • Wire Management


ModDIY ships world wide via registered air mail. You can also get free shipping to some of their items or if you order a total of at least $200. But that’s not all, because you landed in this page, you can use this modDIY coupon code to get discounts from the purchases you made. You can use this coupon code every time you make a purchase on

ModDIY coupon code


Just go and visit, select a product, and use the ModDIY coupon code WHATSWITHJEFF10 to get discount on all of your purchases/orders. Well, hope this help. Please do share this to your network if you like this post.



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  1. michael joshua pabia Avatar
    michael joshua pabia

    the acrylic test bench looks cool! but shipping is too expensive >_<

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