How to get Satellite Direct Discount – A 40% off the price!

Watch TV Channels on your PC or Laptop with Satellite Direct – How to get Satellite Direct Discount

Satellite Direct is one of the most popular software sold in the online market today. This lets you watch TV channels into your computer without the need for a TV tuner or cable connection. This page is about how you can get Satellite Direct Discount, 40% off the SRP of $49.95 USD. But first let’s have a little Satellite Direct reviews.


Satellite Direct Reviews

What is Satellite Direct?
Basically Satellite Direct is a software for your computer that lets you gain access and watch TV channels directly on your computer without having to install additional hardware or cable connection. This is a total solution for you to watch TV channels in your PC, computer or laptop.

Satellite Direct does not have subscriptions or monthly fees. You get 24/7 access to channels. Although in their sales page, they claim that you get over 3,500 channels, well that’s not totally true. Perhaps, that is the total possible channels that the Satellite Direct can access world wide.

But it really depends in your location. Click here to see how many channels are available in your country. Even if you only get more or less a hundred channels in your area, it’s still not bad. Considering that you only need to pay one time for the software. (Plus you get a 40% discount through this page.)

satellite tv for pc free download full versionWatch this Satellite Direct promotional Video.

How to get Satellite Direct Discount?
1. Click here to access the Satellite Direct discount page to get 40% off the price.

2. Scroll below the page to see if the 40% discount was applied.

3. If YES, download it now. If not, try to exit the page by closing the window or tab.

4. A “customer service representative” will pop up. Just tell her you want to get the discount.

5. Click the link that she gives you and you are good to go.

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