Things You definitely need to know before Buying a PSU

Many of us tend to forget or overlook the importance of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) when we assemble or buy a personal computer. Sometimes we don’t even know what kind of PSU or what model or type of PSU that we need.


Most of the users/newbie enthusiast would just buy generic PSU as long as it has enough power or wattage to supply their computer. There are some users who have a high end rig that is built with quad core processor, high end motherboards, high end graphics cards, large memory and storage capacity but only uses a generic PSU. Do you think that kind of setup will survive? I don’t think so.

These are the common aspect that users tend to look when they buy a PSU:
1. price
2. Wattage
4. efficiency rating
5. Modular or non modular

But these are not just the things we need to look into when we buy a PSU. Remember your PSU is like the heart of your computer. Like our heart which supplies and distribute blood all over our body, PSUs distribute and supply power to your system.

A TechPowerUp reviewer “crmaris” wrote an article entitled “A Detailed Look Into PSUs” which gives you a more detailed explanation and understanding about the workings of a PSU, its components. This comprehensive guide will give you the information you need so that you would understand and you would know what to look for when you buy or upgrade your PSU.

Click here to Read the full Article: A Detailed Look Into PSUs



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