Benefits of Having Dash Cam Technology for Your Fleet

From slashing insurance costs to providing proof of dishonest accident claims, in-vehicle cams provide a massive bonus for fleet owners and managers. Dashboard cameras, known more simply as dash cams, have been around for almost a decade. Nonetheless, the technology supporting this feature has evolved extensively, and the market currently offers some of the most advanced cam equipment for fleets to enhance drivers’ safety. If you aren’t accustomed to dash cams, you should know they offer a bunch of advantages to fleet management. They are an essential feature when it comes to improving driver attitude and decreasing accidents on the road. Here are more ways dash cams are useful.


Three Ways Dash Cams Are Useful

Offers evidence for false accident claims

In 2007, Heavy Good Vehicles (HGV) were struck by a rise in accusations of accident involvements, and this trend inevitably affected the logistics industry. False accident claims hit their peak, and companies were the ones impacted most by costly consequences.

It is a fact that when businesses invest money and effort into a huge risk management plan, the possibility of accidents become rarer. But, in the event that one happens, and a company vehicle is involved, it all narrows down to a ‘my-word-against-yours’ situation. This is where dash cams come in handy. Management gets footage from the scene, which thus gives them an insight into what really transpired. With this information, they can successfully combat any claims of wrongdoing. There are companies providing different fleet solutions, such as EyeRide products, which help reduce company expenses in third-party negligence and misconduct. Dash cams prove this fact with their technology.

Saves the company’s money

The insurance industry assumes that 14% of major road traffic incidents are falsified. The settlement amount for accidents involving HGVs totals $12442, which is a significant blow to profits in business. By using dash cams, fleet managers can analyse accidents and evaluate the root cause. This way, companies will improve their risk management and offer proof to insurance companies. The insurance sector actively encourages the use of dash cams, and this is the reason why the logistics sector has begun to adopt this technology and other solutions.

Improved awareness creates better driver conduct

Unfocused drivers are a major cause of road accident everywhere. According to some research, 1.6 million accidents recorded yearly are a result of distracted drivers.

You do not need anyone to explain to you what happens when a driver is not attentive. It can lead to tragedy and enormous expenses for vehicle assets. Luckily, with the availability of dash cams, management can identify who is behaving poorly and address the issue accordingly. Drivers are not keen on being filmed while working, but there is no doubt it has had a positive influence on performance.


Dash cams are overall advantageous and can be a tool of relief for fleet owners with trust issues. Also, the improvement in driver conduct helps save the company money by avoiding unnecessary vehicle maintenance and fuel expenses.



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