cpu-z for android download

CPU-Z for Android by CPUID Now Available – Download Latest Version Here

CPU-Z from CPUID – the most popular Windows utility software that displays basic information about your computer’s CPU, Motherboard, Memory and etc is now available on Android. I’m sure if you’re a PC Enthusiast or an overclocker you most probably have CPU-Z installed in your computer. Now for Android enthusiast, and smartphone enthusiast you can now also use the same free utility to display information and reports about your android device. See details below including where you can download the CPU-Z for Android.


cpu-z for android download

CPU-Z for Android displays the following information about your Android device; SoC (system on Chip), System Information, Battery Information, and your phone’s Sensor information. In SOC you will see the name and the CPU architecture of your Android device, how many cores, clock speeds, what speeds does each cores have, and the type of GPU that your device has.

The CPU-Z for Android also displays the model number of your device, the manufacturer, kernel version, RAM, storage details, and even the model number of the board that your phone/tablet is using. Is also displays your device’s Sensor information, which can also be accessed via the secret menu of your device or it’s diagnostics menu.

This free app should be able to run on any Android phone or tablet that runs on Android version 3.0 and above. It only requires 193KB of your storage and does not require any special permission from the user. It’s very safe to use.

Download CPU-Z for Android

There are many other apps who tried to imitate this, or offers a similar function like CPUID’s CPU-Z. But this is the official app developed by CPUID themselves. You can download the latest version of CPU-Z for Android from CPUID here.



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