Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Secret Menu (Diagnostic Tools)

Published on November 11th, 2012

Every phone has its little secrets. A hidden feature, just there hidden and waiting for the right access code to be entered, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not exempted from this. I recently discovered that the Galaxy Note 2 has a hidden menu, a diagnostic tool to be exact to check the status of the phone. It’s an all in one diagnostic tool to check the condition of the Galaxy Note 2. It doesn’t need any rooting nor the need the phone to be connected to a computer. All you need is an access code.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Secret Menu

Accessing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 secret menu is easy. You just need to go to dial pad and type the code as shown in the picture below. You don’t need to hit the call key. Once you have entered the last digit, the hidden menu will automatically be displayed.

What’s in the Hidden Menu

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hidden menu is basically a diagnostic tool menu to check the overall status of the phone, see what’s functioning properly and what’s not. There are 18 diagnostic check ups to choose from, namely:

  • Screen Color Red
  • Screen Color Green
  • Screen Color Blue
  • Receiver
  • Vibration
  • Dimming
  • Megacam
  • Sensor
  • Touch
  • Sleep
  • Speaker
  • Sub Key
  • Front Cam
  • LED
  • Wacom Test
  • Low Frequency
  • Barcode Emulator Test, and
  • SensorHub Test

These test are very useful specially if you want to know if the phone is working properly. If somebody wants to trade his phone or sell it to you, you can access and use this menu to check the phone’s condition and see if something is wrong, or not.

Go ahead, try it. Just touch the screen again or use the “back key” to return to the Menus. And to return to the phone again, just hit back until you return to TouchWiz. By the way, this is working on Samsung Galaxy S 3 as well. I just don’t know if it will work with other Samsung Android phones.

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