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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3 (Carrier Unlock)

So you got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or a Galaxy S3. But the problem is you got it from a certain telecom carrier, like T-Mobile, Verizon, Globe, Smart and etc. And because of this you can’t use another carrier’s SIM card in your Note 2 or S3. This article will show you a solution on how you can (carrier) unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or S3 for free. You don’t need to go to a technician to unlock your phone. Simple follow the steps below.


how to unlock samsung galaxy note 2 and galaxy s3

[alert type=”red”]Disclaimer: Before you proceed, this solution or step may or may not work on your phone. Some people reported that it work for them, while others didn’t. This may also void your warranty, so do this at your own risk![/alert]

This process does not require you to root your Galaxy Note 2 or S3 and according to source this survives ROM flashing. My phone is locked to a particular carrier, so I will be showing to you a video of this solution soon.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2?

1. Go to phone keys and dial *#197328640# (you will be able to access ServiceMode by dialing those numbers and keys.

2. In ServiceMode main menu, choose option (1) UMTS, then (1) Debug Screen, then (8) Phone Control, then (6) Network Lock, then Options, then choose (3) Perso SHA256 OFF.

3. Just wait for a few seconds or a minute.

4. After that go back to (6) Network Lock menu using the back button of your phone, then choose (4) NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ

5. Wait for a minute then restart or reboot your phone.

6. Your Galaxy Note 2 or S3 should be unlocked by now.

To test if it worked, simple insert another sim card from another carrier or provider. If your phone got a signal from that carrier then it works.



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  1. Richard Avatar

    Does not work. UMTS is not even on the menu. Too bad

    1. what network are you on?

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