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Must Have Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Android Revolution HD 5.0

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and would like to customize and tinker your phone, then you definitely need to use one of the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I spend quite some time searching in different Android sites and forums trying to find out what Custom ROM would be good for my Galaxy Note 2. And then I stumble into, what I think, one of the best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 created by an XDA forum member mike1986, his Android Revolution HD 5.0.


samsung galaxy note 2 custom romNote: Image for reference only, not the actual ROM

Android Revolution HD 5.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

So what’s so good about this Custom ROM? The Android Revolution HD 5.0 custom ROM is a very fast and stable ROM that is based on the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean N7100XXDLJ2 firmware. It’s basically an improved version of the stock ROM with no visual changes at all. It’s very fast, clean, and it’s 100% stable.

Other than that, it has the most stable stock Kernel and you will have the option to choose Perseus custom Kernel in AROMA installer just in case you need to do more tweaking like swapping internal memory for the external, wiping unnecessary apps and files that consumes storage space and a lot more.

Below is a little list of what this custom ROM has to offer:

  • Removed software (CPU) rendering – full Exynos 4 Quad (GPU) rendering
  • Fully optimized and tweaked
  • ROOT (su + SuperSu Permissions – Thanks to chainfire)
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • Newest BusyBox
  • RAM optimizations
  • System signatures check enabled for system security and safety
  • Improved virtual memory management
  • Speed optimizations
  • Enabled GPU UI rendering
  • Data, cache and system partitions mounting tweaks
  • Bloatware applications removed
  • All /system applications updated to latest available
  • All /data applications updated to latest available
  • Improved camera performance
  • Improved CPU governors performance
  • Most optimal system scheduler
  • Disabled kernel debugging for better performance
  • Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)
  • Zipalign on boot (for user applications on data partition)
  • Fully de-odexed
  • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
  • Auto init.d permissions set on boot
  • sysro/sysrw commands support
  • Excellent battery life!
  • Improved EXT4 performance
  • You can replace Samsung boot animation with any custom one (or use ICS default)
  • OpenVPN support
  • Most up-to-date system files permissions
  • Adobe Flash Player support for Jelly Bean
  • Support almost 24h a day
  • …and many more!

Where to Download Android Revolution HD 5.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

For instructions on how to install Android Revolution HD 5.0 on your Galaxy Note 2 and for the links where you can download the said custom ROM, visit mike1986’s original thread at XDA forum here.



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