Download Temple Run Brave For Android and iOS

Are you a fan of the popular game Temple Run? Now there is a new version and this one is based on Disney’s latest animated movie Brave. Disney took advantage of promoting it through Android and Apple devices like smartphone or tablets by partnering with Imangi (Temple Run’s creator), to produce Temple Run Brave.


UPDATE: Disney has released a Wizard of OZ version of the game. Go here to Download Temple Run: Oz for Android and iPhone

Basically, Temple Run Brave is like the original game, but with a new fun and exciting features. The main character in this game is Merida, the protagonist from the movie. And of course, you won’t be running on temples anymore. The environment is set on woods just like in the movie. In addition to just running, sliding and jumping, you can shoot arrows now. Merida will run for her life, jumping, sliding, collecting coins, shooting targets, and being chased by the demon bear Mordu.

Unfortunately this game is not free. It will cost you an arm and a leg! No just joking! ^_^ It will only cost you $.99. You can download Temple Run Brave below:
For iOS download it here
For Android download it here



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