Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review – Should You Get One? Find out Here

My friends at sent me a portable Bluetooth speaker for Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and even laptops. Today let’s take a look at that unique portable Bluetooth speaker – the Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand. Check out its features, where and how you can use it, as well as price and availability. I also made a little video below comparing the sound produced by a smartphone vs the Gum Rock Bluetooth speaker, as well as on how you can connect the speaker to your mobile device.


gum rock bluetooth speaker review

There are times when the built in speakers of our smartphones, tablet or even laptops are not powerful enough or loud enough. Most of the time, speakers built in mobile devices lack bass, thus we look for third party speakers that are definitely louder and produce better sound quality than those built in our mobile devices. The Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable speaker might probably one of those third party speakers that you are looking for.

The Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a highly versatile and portable speaker that features a suction pad that can easily be attached to the back of your phone, tablet, on a table, glass or any smooth and plain surfaces. It can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled devices to stream audio from the source, even receiving and answering calls, thanks to the built-in mic.

The device uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology and can be paired with modern day devices with Bluetooth. I haven’t tested the distance the Gum Rock needs in order to properly receive signal from your mobile device, but according to its manufacturer, it works best within the 35-foot range radius. It also has a built-in rechargeable 450 mAh lithium battery that last around 6 to 7 hours depending on your use, and recharging the device is around 2 to 3 hours. Unfortunately there is no LED indicator to tell us whether the device is still charging or if it is fully charged. You can recharge the device using the included USB cable.

One thing I like about the Gum Rock Bluetooth speaker is the suction cup. You can easily attach it to the back of your smartphone or tablet and serve as a stand. When driving, you can also attach it to the dashboard of your car. You can attach it to any surface provided that it is a smooth surface, otherwise the suction will not work.

The Gum Rock Bluetooth portable speaker is built with a 40mm speaker, and is covered with a silicone coating that comes in different colors. The speaker has a LED indicator located below the device, a power on/off switch and the microUSB port hidden underneath a flap, and three buttons for play/answer, pause/end, next function.

With regards to the sound quality, it’s definitely louder and you can notice more bass when compared to speakers built in mobile devices. But don’t expect that the sound quality is comparable to something like Braven or Jawbone Bluetooth speakers, since those are high end portable speakers. I have been using the Gum Rock for a couple of weeks now. Most of the time, I use it when playing Plants vs Zombies 2, or when playing music from my laptop or playing games. For the sound sample you can watch the video I took below. The audio quality is not 100% the same since I’m not using a special or high end microphone while taking the video.

Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Speaker Video Review

Conclusion, Price and Availability

The Gum Rock Bluetooth portable speaker is a good and affordable wireless speaker. It delivers a decent and clear sound when listening to music, watching movies or even answering calls. One thing I like about it is that it attaches to smooth surfaces thanks to the suction cup. But like any other product, the suction cup is not immune to wear and tear. Eventually it will lose its ability to attach itself from a surface in the future, specially if there are already signs of tear. But for the price of only $27.49 USD or £16.99 here, I think the Gum Rock Bluetooth portable speaker is a good choice, and partner for your mobile devices.

Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker Specifications

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0, CSR solution
Driver: 40mm 4 Ohms 3W
Battery: 4500mAh Li-ion
Voltage: 3.7 V
Output power: 3W
Color: Blue, Light Green, Orange, Black

Disclaimer: Even though sponsored the Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker, it has not affected my opinion about the device, neither how I wrote this review. This review is purely based on my personal experience with the device.



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