Sony Ericsson MW600 Review: Great Wireless Bluetooth Headset with FM Radio

One of the must have accessories for mobile devices like smartphones is a wireless Bluetooth Headset. Why? Because it’s functional. You can answer calls, listen to music, and its hands free. When I got my Samsung Galaxy Note II, the first accessory I was looking for was a wireless headset for answering calls and listen to music as well. It’s somewhat awkward to answer a call from a smartphone with a huge 5.5-inch display. So for me, a wireless headset is a must have accessory. Luckily, was kind enough to send me a Sony Ericsson MW600 for review.


Sony Ericsson MW600 Review

There are different types of wireless headsets, but the most popular one is the Bluetooth headset. And there are several types of Bluetooth headsets available in the market such as; single-earpiece, double-earpiece, over-the-head headsets, behind-the-neck headsets, and many more. But the type of headset I was looking for is a wireless Bluetooth headset that has an in-ear noise cancelling earplugs. Why? Because, not only it’s great for answering calls, it’s also great for listening to music, and the Sony Ericsson MW600 perfectly fits that criteria.

Sony Ericsson MW600 Features

Unlike your typical Bluetooth headsets, the SE MW600 is built with rich features like a built-in FM radio, built-in hands free to answer calls, OLED screen, great sound quality, universal compatibility, wireless streaming, a 3.5mm jack if you want to use a third party earphones or headset, and you can pair it with up to two phones and a computer.

Sony Ericsson MW600 Specifications

  • Talk time: 11 Hours
  • Stand by time: 500 hours
  • Streaming time: 8.5 hours
  • Radio time: 11 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 15.0 x 62.0 mm.
  • Weight: 13g

The package includes the following:

  • Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Headset
  • Sony Ericsson HPM-78 Earphones
  • Spare ear buds
  • Sony Ericsson Micro USB Mains Charger

Aside from the features mentioned above, the MW600 doesn’t need an external battery. It’s fully rechargeable via the micro USB interface. It has professional looking design, it’s not too big and not too small. It’s doesn’t have a bulky design as well. Instead it has a sleek pen-like design that can be clip anywhere.

In front of the MW600, you can see the nice OLED display, the Sony Ericsson logo, the microphone and the answer/end call button. The OLED screen displays the status and menu of the headset, and the OLED display is visible even in broad daylight.

On the right side of the MW600 are the forward, rewind, play/pause buttons. While on the other side is a touch-type volume rocker, which by the way is very sensitive. Behind the MW600 is the clipper with teeth providing a better grip.

The 3.5mm audio jack is located at the top portion of the MW600, while the power button and the USB port are located at the bottom portion of the device. You can clearly see at the picture above that the mic is located just above the answer button. When in FM Radio mode, you can see the station frequency and the station’s name on the OLED display.

Sony Ericsson MW600 Pairing

How to pair the Sony Ericsson MW600 with Bluetooth devices? It’s easy. You just need to turn on the MW600 by holding the power button and hold the play button to activate pairing mode. From your device, turn on its Bluetooth and start searching for new devices. The MW600 will be displayed as “MW600” on your device, just select it and it will automatically pair with the MW600. You can pair it with two phones and a computer, but can only receive one signal from one source at a time.

Sony Ericsson HPM-78 Earphones

The HPM-78 Earphones included in the MW600 provides a clear high quality audio output. It doesn’t have a long cable, since it was primary designed to bring audio from the MW600 to your ears. And since it is an earplug, it has noise-cancelling feature as well. It doesn’t provide a strong bass like other high end earphones or earplugs (like aJAYS four, or Sennheisers), but it’s definitely better compared to headsets that are usually included when you buy a phone. Besides, if you don’t like the HPM-78 earphones, you can always use a third party earphones to your liking.

Sony Ericsson MW600 Review: Conclusion

Overall, the MW600 is a great Bluetooth Headset. I have been using it everyday and so far haven’t encountered any problems. Sound quality is great, reception and signal are great as well. Pairing with Bluetooth devices is simple. There is only one thing that the MW600 doesn’t have, a lock (or hold) button. Since the volume rocker is touch sensitive (and very sensitive) the volume tends to change when it is touched or rub against anything accidentally.  I’m not sure why Sony Ericsson made the volume rocker touch sensitive. They could have made it with buttons instead, and it’s much easier to change volumes just by pressing volume + or -, instead of sliding up or down constantly to change volumes.


  • Great Value for its price
  • Great sound and mic quality
  • Has FM radio functionality
  • Doesn’t use external battery
  • Good battery life, up to 7-8 hours depending on usage
  • Is compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices (99.9% compatibility according to SE)


  • Needs a lock button

Price and Where to Buy

The Sony Ericsson MW600 is available worldwide both in local stores and online stores. You can get Sony Ericsson MW600 from for only £37.95 here. For US, you can get one here.

Disclosure: provided the MW600 unit for review. All opinions are mine.



6 responses to “Sony Ericsson MW600 Review: Great Wireless Bluetooth Headset with FM Radio”

  1. Just spent the last 24hrs trying to pair the MW600 with the Note 2. Works fine with the Note but doubting compatibility with Note 2. Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t even see the MW600. Any help would be appreciated. Regards.
    Apparently the Note 2 has a new Bluetooth version but you’d think it’d be back compatible.

    1. I’m using my MW600 with my Note 2. I did not encounter any problems.
      What model of Galaxy Note 2 are you using? GT-N7100? What the version of your rom?
      I’m using a GT-N7100 and 4.1.1 N7100DXALJ1
      Perhaps you did some customization that conflicts with the Bluetooth functionality.

    2. I’m using a note 2 gt n7100 as well… pairs and works great!!
      Anyone found a way to get ur contact name to display instead of the number on mw600 while u r getting a call?

      1. Haven’t found a way yet. Mine also appears as number. I’m not sure if that’s because there were multiple numbers under one name. Is it possible so that the name would appear instead of the number?

      2. You can’t get the caller name due to the way Android searches its database when it has an incoming call. Sony run a small hack on their phones to enable the headset to display name. Works great on my Note 2 would recommend – if you can live without caller name display.

  2. Hello again folks,
    Any of you found to display caller name on it yet?
    Its a shame if Sony doesnt come up with an app for android phones to make this possible

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