full aluminum mid tower chassis

Lian Li PC-7H Mid Tower Chassis: Popular for a Reason

Lian-Li, a leader in manufacturing full aluminum chassis, has recently announced a new brushed aluminum mid tower chassis called the Lian Li PC-7H, which can support ATX and micro-ATX motherboards. DIY builders and PC Enthusiast can enjoy an elegant looking yet simple chassis with all the tool-less option that they need.


full aluminum mid tower chassis

Lian Li PC-7H Highlighted Features

  • Supports ATX and micro-ATX motherboards
  • Holds four 3.5” hard drives and one 2.5” hard drive
  • Impressive cooling with two front 140mm and one 120mm rear fan
  • Removable front panel
  • Tool-less optical drive and hard drive mounting
  • Top placed I/O ports – USB 3.0 x2 and HD Audio
  • 3 color options: silver, black, and internal black

With Lian Li PC-7H you can install up to (4) four 3.5” hard drives and one 2.5” SSD in the HDD cage located in the front of the chassis. Thumbscrews with rubber suspensions are used to secure the 3.5” drives. The rubber suspensions also reduce vibrations thus eliminating noise coming from the hard drives. The HDD cage can also be easily removed for those who want to modify the internals of this aluminum chassis. Located above the hard drive cage are three 5.25″ drive bays that also features a tool-less design so that you can easily install any optical drives, expansion slots or 5.25-inch accessories.

The Lian Li PC-7H, including its drive bays, is cooled by Two 140mm fans in the front of the chassis that pulls cool air into the chassis. The bottom 140mm fan blows air directly on the HDD cage, while the upper fan pushes air across the motherboard and expansion cards. The front panel is tool-lessly removable, making it easy to clean and maintain the air filters. The rear 120mm exhaust fan pulls hot air out of the chassis. Users can further install two 120mm fans inside the top portion of the chassis and another 120mm fan can also be installed on the side panel of the chassis.

The motherboard tray features several cutouts for easy cable management, and the PC-7H accommodates CPU coolers up to 170mm (6.6”) in height. The PC-7H has 8 vented expansion slots with thumb screws. Expansion cards up to 400mm (15.7”) are supported.

Power supplies up to 250mm (9.8”) in length easily fit at the bottom of the PC-7H. Ventilation slits underneath the PSU with a removable pull-out filter help increase the life and performance of the power supply.

The I/O panel sits on the top of the chassis and features two USB 3.0 and HD audio connections. A door covers the I/O panel to keep the elegant look when not in use.

Lian Li PC-7H Specifications:

Model: PC-7H
Case Type: Mid tower chassis
Dimensions: (W) 210mm x (H) 473mm x (D) 490mm
Front bezel Material: Aluminum
Color: Internal Black / Silver / Black
Side Panel: Aluminum
Body Material: Aluminum
Net Weight: 5.8KG
5.25″ drive bay (External): 3
3.5″ drive bay (External): None
HDD bay: 3.5-Inch HDD x 4 / 2.5-Inch HDD x 1
Expansion Slot: 8
Motherboard: ATX / Micro ATX
System Fan (Front): 140mm Fan x 2
System Fan (Top): Optional
System Fan (Rear): 120mm Fan x 1
I/O Ports: USB 3.0 x 2 / HD Audio
Maximum Compatibility:
VGA Card length: 400mm
PSU length: 250mm
CPU cooler height: 170mm

Price and Availability

The Lian Li PC-7H are available in three (3) different variations, the PC-7HA or white version, PC-7HB or black version and the PC-7HX or the internal black version. Currently this chassis has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $119 USD and will also be available in the USA and Canada, as well as other parts of the world.



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