SIM Card Registration for Prepaid Users Introduced

Due to the abuse and misuse of cellular phone for bombing and terrorism, Senate Bill No. 2644 otherwise known as SIM Card Registration Bill was introduced by Senator Manny Villar. This aims to monitor and prevent crimes and terrorism.


The Senate Bill No. 2644 or Prepaid SIM Card Registration Bill is “an act of requiring the registration of the buyers of prepaid SIM cards, and providing penalties for the violation thereof“.

Prepaid Sim Cards Globe Smart Sun

“The bill proposes that all sellers of prepaid SIM cards will require buyers to present government issued identification cards and record all personal information of the buyer.

The bill proposes a penalty of a fine ranging from P100,000 to P1 million and imprisonment from one year to two years for all violators.”

The Bill was also endorsed by the Department of Justice. The bills aims to provided solution for the text messaging scams, bombings using cellphones and other heinous activities.

SIM Card registration is not actually. In fact this has been around since the time of Post Paid, since Post Paid users are required to register and provide their information and details.

Do you think this is a good move? What’s your opinion?



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