Jaw Dropping Photoshop Unblur Filter revealed

Published on October 12th, 2011

Fix blurry images with the new Photoshop Unblur filter

Have you ever wonder how you can fix those blurry or blurred photos and images that you have just taken with your camera? I bet you delete it already and sometimes it hurts specially if it’s a once in a lifetime shot and what you get is a blurry image. Ouch! Don’t fret, Adobe has a new Photo Unblur filter that unblurs images AFTER you have taken the shot.


If your using something like a Lytro Light Field Camera, then you don’t need to worry about blurring. But if your not, is there a way to fix or unblur images using Photoshop? Before, probably there wasn’t until now.

How does the Adobe Photoshop Unblur Filter Works?
The Photoshop Unblur Filter is a prototype that calculates the speed of your hands when you took the photo and digitally removes or fix the shaken photo. What?! You didn’t get that did you? Me too. ^_^ Watch the video below for a better understanding of this new filter.

Watch the video below: Adobe MAX 2011 – Photoshop Image Deblurring sneak

Here’s another example of the new Photoshop Unblur filter.

photoshop unblur filter image beforephotoshop unblur filter image after

The image on the left is the original picture taken and it has gotten blurry maybe because the object was not focused properly. And you see on the right is the image that has undergone the Photoshop Unblur filter. It’s now clear!

While I was watching the video above, suddenly I remembered all those photos I have taken and deleted because they were blurry and I could not fix them. Darn! I should have save it all along, hoping that someday, a technology or software like the Photoshop Unblur filter could fix the photos.

Lastly Adobe pointed out that technologies like the Unblur Filter and the filter that was demo-ed last year that automatically removes unwanted objects will most probably make it into the finished software.

via DailyMail


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