4 Easy Ways to Convert a JPG Image to a PDF

Not a lot of people are familiar with how PDF files work, especially if you’re thinking of converting images to a PDF file. Whether it’s for work, school, a project you’re working on, or for having safer transactions with password-protected PDF files, it could be for many reasons. Regardless of people’s motives, it is quite possible to convert a JPG image to a PDF. Read on to learn more about how to do it using these 4 easy methods.

Convert a JPG Image to a PDF

Here are 4 ways on how you can convert a JPG image to a PDF file.

  1. Using Your Smartphone

    You can convert numerous JPG images to a PDF using a free phone app that is similar to a converter software program. After installing this program, you can choose how the images you want would look like before uploading them to the app. Just check the page layout to see how they’re displayed. You can edit the layout freely and once it’s ready, you can start adding photos. The app will then convert everything you’ve added and save it on your phone as a PDF file.

  2. Using Websites

    Another method to get your images converted is by using a website. It’s possible to visit a website that has this type of converter where you can upload images and convert them to a password-protected PDF file. As one can see on https://www.viewpdf.com/jpg-to-pdf.html, online PDF converter websites allow their users to drag any image to the selected box window, then they could convert those images to a PDF file to download. The process takes only a few seconds to combine these images and then you can share it freely to whoever you want.

  3. Using the Windows Method

    There is a very neat method with Windows where you could select an image using the Microsoft photo app. There should be a “Select” Button on the top right corner and you can select all the images you need for the PDF file. After that, click on print and a new window will open. Remember to click on “Microsoft Print to PDF” as your selected printer then press “Print”. This will open a save window where you can save your selected images as one PDF file in any location.

  4. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

    If you have the Adobe Acrobat Pro program, then you can easily convert the JPG files by combining them using Adobe. Click on “Files” first and then “Combine Files into a single PDF”. This will allow you to add any file you want and you can browse all the saved images, select them, and then combine them. After you click “Combine Files”, the PDF file will be created and saved in the location of your choice.

The great thing about the methods of converting images to PDF is that you can combine multiple JPG images at once. Using the software program to convert these images is fairly simple and easy once you learn the basics of how to do the converting process. You can convert the images in any order you want because you can rearrange all the JPG files you’ve chosen using the page layout. Once you’re done, you will easily convert all the images you want to be PDF files in just a couple of minutes.



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